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Support Standards - IT Division

Mobile Device Standards

Information Technology maintains a list of recommended mobile device specifications for iOS and Android devices. This list is intended to ensure compatibility with University technology hardware and software, ensure it meets industry current standards, and gives the user a pleasant and desired experience. For devices purchased with University funds, Information Technology reserves the right to review the purchase request. Items ordered by bypassing Information Technology’s approval may be explicitly barred from support by Information Technology.

Levels of Support

The following describes the levels of support provided by Information Technology on WKU-Owned mobile devices. For personally-owned devices, the "Full Support" section should be used as a guide when purchasing a new device. If a personally-owned device does not meet those specifications, support may be limited.

Devices Under Full Support
OS Designer
Operating System RAM Storage


iOS 11.x




Android 7.x (Nougat)
or greater

2GB Minimum

4GB Recommended

16GB internal

Full Support Definition: WKU IT will ensure the working order of the device and WKU-related apps (as listed in the Supported Apps and Usage section below), using reasonable staff time and support resources.

Hardware Issues: WKU IT is unable to repair damage done to mobile devices, such as a broken screen, but can facilitate a repair using a third-party company, at cost to the department or personal owner.

Devices Under End of Support
OS Designer
Operating System RAM Storage


iOS 9.3.5




Android 5.x (Marshmallow)



End of Support Definition: WKU IT will facilitate the recovery/transfer of data, but may not be able to resolve technical issues. IT will work with the client to determine a suitable replacement if need be.

Devices under Unsupported: All devices falling outside of the above criteria are considered Unsupported; therefore WKU IT will not provide technical assistance for the device. IT will work with the client to determine a suitable replacement if need be.

Desktop Support reviews these standards every six months and makes updates when necessary.

Supported Apps and Usage

  • Native Email Clients*
  • Microsoft Outlook (for TopperMail accounts only)*
  • Bb Student
  • iWKU
  • Connecting to WKU's WiFi Networks

*Though there are many alternative email clients available for download through app stores, the built-in email client is the app supported by WKU IT. Alternative email clients may work, but any issues encountered with them will be unsupported. Some email clients, specifically Microsoft Outlook, use unsecure connection protocols when accessing the WKU Exchange server for employee accounts and have been blocked.

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 Last Modified 2/8/18