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WKU Office of Sustainability - Campus Rainwater Collection


Campus Rainwater Collection Systems

Several rainwater harvesting systems have been installed at WKU. At three sites on the main campus, and one site at the WKU farm, rainwater is collected from rooftops into large cisterns. On campus, one of two 550 gallon cisterns is located near the Department of Facilities Management and the other is at the Health Services building. The water from the cisterns is dispersed to drip lines that irrigate local gardens. At the Dept. of Facilities Management maintenance barn at South Street, six 2,600 gallon cisterns collect water off the barn roof, which is used to fill an irrigation truck for campus trees and gardens. On the Farm, two 1300 gallon cisterns collect water from the livestock barn roof. This water is for many uses, including spraying down the Expo Center arena floor to reduce dust.

Rainwater Cistern located outside of Dept. of Facilities Management

Garden at Dept. of Facilities Management

This 550 gallon cistern collects rainwater from the top level of parking structure 1. The cistern at the left irrigates this garden in front of Dept. of Facilities.

                                  south street rainwater collection                                                                  rainwater collection at farm                                 
  Rainwater collection system at DFM maintenance barn at South St.   Rainwater collection at WKU Farm.



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