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African American women at Atlanta University, c. 1900

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Department statement on Anti-Asian violence, May 2021

Department statement on Black Lives Matter protests, June 2020

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The WKU History Department Condemns Russia's Military Assault on Ukraine


The History Department condemns the egregious and unprovoked invasion of independent and democratic Ukraine by Russian military forces. We are appalled by the Russian government’s flagrant violation of international law and Ukraine’s territorial integrity. Peace in Ukraine is essential to peace in all of Europe. It is our collective responsibility to amplify the voices of Ukrainian citizens who are facing this existential crisis, to help get their stories out to the world, and to fight the lies told by the Russian state. We also stand with those in Russia who oppose the violence of their own government.

The study of history flows from our desire to understand how humans have tried to turn their hopes into reality. Examining these past efforts can be both exhilarating and humbling. The human past is a record of remarkable achievements, astonishing in their variety. The past, however, also gives evidence of the fragility of those achievements. A history major will help you explore and understand issues facing people in the past, present, and future.

Our Mission

The WKU History Department’s teacher-scholars train students to interrogate and understand the past, appreciate the connections that link humanity’s past to its present and future, recognize the complexity and diversity of the human experience, question assumed truths, evaluate evidence, and offer insightful interpretations with clarity of expression. In doing so, we help students to develop their own analytical and communication skills that will serve them well in their personal, professional, and civic lives. Outside the classroom, the History Department’s faculty advances historical knowledge and understanding in the academy and the broader community.

Our Programs

The History Department offers several programs of study, allowing students to earn a BA in History, Social Studies, Religous Studies, or Asian Religions and Cultures, or a minor in History, Religious Studies, African American Studies, Legal Studies, and Latin American Studies. Graduate students can earn an MA, MAE, or Graduate Certificate in History, and advanced undergraduates can take graduate courses through the JUMP program. For more information on all of these programs, visit our program pages or contact our departmental advisors.

Looking Beyond Graduation

History majors at WKU pursue a wide range of careers, including teaching, business, law enforcement, journalism, public history, local, state, and federal government, and politics. History majors have attended a wide variety of graduate schools, including Harvard, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, and University of London. For more information, see why study history? or why study religion?

August 2021 Department Workday

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Department Workday, August 2021


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