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Speakers and Solicitation

Guidelines and Procedures

for Non-University Speakers and Solicitation

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Western Kentucky University believes that freedom of inquiry and the open exchange of ideas are essential aspects of the educational process. The University recognizes the right of members of its academic community to engage in free discussion and to hear speakers of their own choice. Any officially registered organization of students, faculty, administrators or staff may invite speakers of their choice to the campus to further educational goals. Although institutional procedures are necessary to govern the use of campus facilities, they will not be used to hamper the scheduling of speakers or as devices for censorship.

No restrictions will be placed upon the selection of speakers or their subject matter except those provided by law.

The University requires that the speakers and sponsoring organizations accept responsibility in the exercise of their right to free expression under federal, state, and local law.

Speakers and programs shall not interfere with the normal functioning of the University, and the right of members of the academic community to participate or not to participate will be respected. Freedom of expression is a fundamental right protected primarily by the freedom of speech provision of the first amendment of the United States Constitution. Therefore unpopular speech can be challenged with opposing views. All of such actions shall take place in a safe and civil manner. The views expressed by a speaker are not necessarily those of the University or the sponsoring organization.

Meetings will be conducted in a spirit of free inquiry with courtesy and respect accorded all participants. A member or members of the sponsoring organization will normally preside over the meetings, present the speaker, and conduct any question period which becomes a part of the proceedings.

When found necessary to ensure an orderly meeting, the Vice President for Student Experience of the University shall limit attendance to members of the University community, shall designate a tenured faculty member to preside, shall insist that the speaker be subjected to questions from the floor, and shall establish other reasonable rules of procedure.

To facilitate making arrangements for speakers and to minimize conflicts in scheduling events, a responsible officer of the sponsoring student organization will file two copies of the Scheduling Form for Non University Speakers with the Vice President for Student Experience.

If the Vice President for Student Experience has not acted upon the request within five (5) days after the form is filed (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays), approval of the request shall be assumed.

The University's responsibility to provide for the normal functioning of the institution shall necessitate the denial of campus facilities to speakers whose advocacy of courses of action would present a clear and present danger to the normal functioning of the University.

If a request is denied, the sponsoring organization may obtain a de novo hearing of the request by a committee. The committee shall consist of two students and three faculty members appointed by the President of the University for a one year term beginning May 15 of each calendar year. Decisions of the committee may be appealed to the President and the Board of Regents. This policy statement does not apply to the appearance of speakers in scheduled classroom activities.

The scheduling of facilities by faculty, administration, and staff organizations will be made through the facility’s reservation process.


On-Campus Solicitation

No Private businesses or third party individuals are permitted to solicit in any manner, form or for any purpose on University property without the prior written permission of Western Kentucky University.  This includes solicitations for profit and for non-profit/charitable purposes.

The University reserves the right to review all aspects of a proposed solicitation and to determine if said solicitation is in the best interest of the University and the campus community.  The decision whether to allow a solicitation activity is in the sole discretion of the University.  The University's decision shall be final.

Responsibility for administration of this policy is delegated to the Vice President for Student Experience.  Request for permissible solicitations and or inquiries regarding the University's policy should be directed to that office.

Vice President for Student Experience

Room 442, Potter Hall

(270) 745-2791

Approved non-profit/charitable solicitations will require sponsorship by a University department or qualified, recognized campus organization.  For-profit solicitations which relate to, involve, or include services or products in direct competition with the services or products being provided by the University, or provided an agency/entity which currently contracts to provide such services to the University are prohibited.


Any individuals or groups use of the University’s facilities does not mean that the person represents the institution or its ideals and principles. Members of the University are free to walk away and not listen to any person speaking on campus.

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