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Regulations for Time Place and Manner

Time place and manner

Regulations Governing

Time, Place & Manner of

Meetings, Assemblies, Demonstrations or Solicitation


All members of the University community, students, faculty and staff, share a mutual interest in two objectives:

• Maintaining an academic environment free from disruptive interference with the educational missions, processes and functions; and

• Retaining an academic environment for free expression and debate consonant with the maintenance of order and discipline. Each student's freedom to speak, assemble peaceably, and to petition for redress of grievances must be harmonized with the rights of others to the orderly, effective use and enjoyment of all facilities. The right of a student to engage in such activities carries with it a responsibility to do so at a time, in a place, and in a manner that does not disrupt the regular and orderly working operation of the University or interfere with the rights of others. The following regulations are adopted to govern the time, place, and manner of student meetings, demonstrations, and other assemblies.


1. Planned or spontaneous meetings, assemblies or demonstrations may be conducted by members of the University community in those appropriate areas of the campus which are regularly available to the University community provided such meetings, assemblies or demonstrations:

(a) Are conducted in a lawful and orderly manner and in compliance with this and other rules and regulations of the University;

(b) Do not impede vehicular or pedestrian traffic;

(c) Do not interfere with classes, other scheduled meetings, events and ceremonies, or with other educational processes of the University; and

(d) Are conducted only with specific authorization when held in (1) University buildings, or (2) University stadium or outdoor theaters, or

(e) residential areas of the campus.


2. Reservation of appropriate university grounds, areas, facilities or other university property for the purpose of conducting a meeting, assembly or demonstration will be granted, subject to the restrictions contained in Section 1 above, to the following described organizations, groups and individuals:

(a) Student organizations registered in accordance with the University policy on registration of student organizations;

(b) Members of the University faculty and staff, for recreational and social events and extracurricular events related to their university duties;

(c) Official alumni groups and similar university-related organizations, colleges, departments, and other units of the University and individual members of the University community for events directly related to their purposes, and others for purposes in keeping with the University's role as an educational institution.

(d) The individual responsible for reserving a particular facility or area, or another member of the University community designated by him/her, must be present and shall take reasonable precautions to ensure compliance with university rules and regulations when the facility or area is being utilized pursuant to the reservation.


3. The following designations and accompanying regulations pertain to the use of specific categories of University facilities and areas for the purpose of conducting any meeting, assembly or demonstration. All areas must be utilized in a lawful and orderly manner in compliance with all University rules and regulations and are subject to those restrictions contained in Section 1.

(a) No demonstration, meeting or other assembly shall take place without specific authorization within or upon the following areas:

• Classrooms, libraries, workrooms, hallways, lobbies, administrative and faculty offices, lounges, entrances and exits of all University buildings;

• All streets and driveways utilized for vehicular traffic;

• All sidewalks utilized for pedestrian traffic; and/or

• Residential buildings.


(b) The following areas my be utilized on a reservation only basis:

• Indoor facilities;

• Intramural fields and other recreational areas;

• Stadium and outdoor theatre; and/or

• Parking lots.


The following are available University facilities and the offices responsible for reserving them:

WKU Main Campus Venue Guide

The Centennial Mall at Downing Student Union………WKU Campus & Community Events:  745-2497

Other University Facilities…………………………..Office of the Vice President for Enrollment and Student Experience:  745-2791

Necessary forms for completion and specific procedures and regulations regarding the use of such facilities may differ from building to building or area to area, and they may be obtained from the office designated as responsible for reserving the specific facility.


Reservations are not required for utilization of the following areas:

(c) WKU is an open campus providing spontaneous speech, protests and distribution of literature in lawns, quads, grassy, park areas, and similar spaces that are suitable for the purpose of public forums for WKU Students irrespective of whether the University has designated or not. 

Persons failing to comply with the directions of the Vice President for Enrollment and Student Experience or his/her designated representative will be dealt with as trespassers and/or as insubordinate under KRS 511.090. Those failing to comply are also reminded that they may be found in violation of other laws to be dealt with by law enforcement officials.


4. Registered organizations or groups of individuals who desire to conduct a parade or march upon University property shall designate a representative of the sponsoring organization or group to meet with the Vice President for Enrollment and Student Experience within a reasonable time prior to the proposed commencement of the parade or march.


The Vice President for Student Affairs shall assign marshals, define an appropriate route, and take other measures which will ensure that the activities will not interfere with the rights of others in their effective use of University facilities and property.


On-Campus Solicitation

No Private businesses or third party individuals are permitted to solicit in any manner, form or for any purpose on University property without the prior written permission of Western Kentucky University.  This includes solicitations for profit and for non-profit/charitable purposes.

The University reserves the right to review all aspects of a proposed solicitation and to determine if said solicitation is in the best interest of the University and the campus community.  The decision whether to allow a solicitation activity is in the sole discretion of the University.  The University's decision shall be final.

Responsibility for administration of this policy is delegated to the Vice President for Student Experience.  Request for permissible solicitations(s) and or inquiries regarding the University's policy should be directed to that office.


Vice President for Student Experience

Room 442, Potter Hall

(270) 745-2791

Approved non-profit/charitable solicitations will require sponsorship by a University department or qualified, recognized campus organization.  For-profit solicitations which relate to, involve, or include services or products in direct competition with the services or products being provided by the University, or provided an agency/entity which currently contracts to provide such services to the University are prohibited.


Any individuals or groups use of the University’s facilities does not mean that the person represents the institution or its ideals and principles. Members of the University are free to walk away and not listen to any person speaking on campus.

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