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Western Kentucky University's Alcohol Policy



Conduct information

Safe Space

"Three Strikes" Alcohol Policy


HERE ARE THE RULES                                                            alcohol policy

• If you are under 21, it is against the student code of conduct for you to drink.

• It is against the student code of conduct for anyone to buy alcohol  for someone under 21.

• It is against the student code of conduct for anyone to be drunk in public or to drive while drunk.

• It is a violation of the student code of conduct for your drunken behavior to disturb someone else’s ability to sleep, study, or live peacefully. 

• It is a violation of the student code of conduct for you to hurt or endanger yourself or someone else through drinking.



If you are found responsible of an alcohol violation that does not affect the health, safety or welfare of yourself or others,  you are likely to receive:

• Behavior Agreement and an educational experience for the first offense

• Probation and an educational experience for second offense

• Separation or Suspension (Referral to University Disciplinary Committee) for third offense


If you are found responsible of an alcohol-related offense in which your own health or safety is affected, or in which you disturb, hurt or endanger others through your drinking, you are likely to receive:

• Probation and an educational experience for first offense (DUI arrests or getting so drunk that you become seriously ill or unconscious, hospitalization)

• Deferred Suspension for first offense (alcohol-related fights, or major violation related to alcohol use)


•  If you are removed from an athletic event for alcohol-related problems, your privilege to attend events in the future may be suspended.


 • Be a Responsible Hilltopper (click here)

NOTE: An outcome of deferred suspension or higher also results in ineligibility for on-campus housing for the next academic year. Parents of students under age 21 will be notified if their son/daughter is found responsible for a violation of the alcohol beverage or illegal drugs policies and receives a sanction of deferred suspension, suspension, or dismissal.


*This "3 Strikes" summary is provided for your convenience and is not a predetermined outcome.  It is not all inclusive. Read the entire alcohol policy under the Code of Student Conduct in the Student Handbook


If you still have any questions, call The Office of Student Conduct at (270) 745-5429, and we will be happy to explain it to you.

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 Last Modified 2/20/17