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The WKU Student Handbook



WKU Mission Statement:

Western Kentucky University (WKU) prepares students of all backgrounds to be productive, engaged, and socially responsible citizen-leaders of a global society. The University provides research, service and lifelong learning opportunities for its students, faculty, and other constituents. WKU enriches the quality of life for those within its reach.


WKU Core Values:

Shared purposes and beliefs drive the decisions and actions of any organization or institution. The core values that undergird the foundations of WKU are reflected in the University’s vision, mission, and purpose statements, and in the goals of the strategic plan.

The rich heritage that is WKU's has been built upon a foundation of shared values that have withstood the test of time and the challenges of many changes. These values are deeply embedded in the words of WKU's first President, Dr. Henry Hardin Cherry, as he set forth a vision for this University:


  • to be a live school and to impart to its students a burning zeal to do and be something...
  • to be progressive, to use modern methods and equipment, but reject all worthless educational fads...
  • to let the reputation of the school be sustained by real merit...
  • to “ring the rising bell in the human soul” by inspiring all students who come in touch with the work of the institution...

This vision is further reflected in Dr. Cherry’s oft-quoted reminder that “It’s what’s above the rim that counts” and in the two University ideals expressed in the University seal: “Life More Life” and the University motto: “The Spirit Makes the Master.”

Building upon these long lasting values, the following core values represent a reaffirmation of the shared purposes and beliefs upon which this strategic plan is built:

  • Emphasis on cooperation, teamwork, and mutual respect for individual differences in scholarship, diversity, and culture.
  • Expectation for all conduct to be characterized by integrity, honesty, and commitment to high moral and ethical values and principles.
  • Commitment to assuring quality of programs, competence of graduates, and opportunities for lifelong learning.
  • A view of scholarly endeavors that includes teaching, research, and creative activities as mutually supportive.
  • Encouragement of meaningful and active partnerships among students, faculty, staff, and constituents to strengthen the learning environment.
  • Nurturing of innovative and creative activities of faculty, staff, and students that advance University mission and goals.
  • Dedication to the importance of achieving excellence in all programs and for adding value to the degrees and credentials of our students.
  • Commitment to providing a collegiate experience that prepares students to be informed, engaged, and dedicated citizens.
  • Commitment to contributing to improved quality of life and economic well-being of Kentuckians, especially those in our primary service area, as well as other constituents and stakeholders.
  • Commitment to developing empowered, informed, and responsible learners who recognize both the personal and shared responsibility to actively participate in university life by upholding the principles of the University Creed.


Standard of Conduct:

It is the expectation of The Office of Student Conduct that all student behavior reflect that of a WKU student. As a student you are to be guided by the principles of an active citizen in our community. As a member of this community you are expected to respect the rights of others in the greater spirit of higher education, no matter what your role may be. The Office of Student Conduct expects high standards of students both in and out of the classroom, on or off-campus. Please know that any behavior that does not demonstrate that of a good citizen may result in your introduction to the University Conduct Process.


Student Handbook:



Any question of interpretation regarding the WKU Student Handbook or Code of Conduct shall be referred to The Office of Student Conduct, 425 Potter Hall.

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 Promoting Ethics, Integrity, Civility and Responsibility of all Students

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It is the position of The Office of Student Conduct that among the violations of misconduct considered to be of an especially serious nature are those that represent a threat to the safety and health of members of the University Community. These include but are not limited too, harassment, physical violence or threat of violence, non-consensual sexual contact, rape or any form of sexual violence.

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