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Responsible Hilltopper

"Responsible Hilltoppers"

Statement on Self-Reporting and Bystander Intervention:

Western Kentucky University students are expected to be aware of their health and safety and to be active bystanders who help fellow Hilltoppers when their health and safety is in danger.

When a person's health or safety is threatened due to consumption of alcohol, drugs and/or activities related to inducing an altered state immediate actions should be taken. This should include alerting medical personnel, the police, or appropriate university official.

Students who seek medical attention for themselves or for who medical assistance was sought related to consumption of alcohol, drugs and/or activities related to inducing an altered state may not be charged with violations of the WKU Student Code of Conduct related to alcohol or drugs provided they comply with specific conditions.

Expectations to be followed:

1. Call WKUPD, 911, notify an RA, Hall Director, or any other University Official
2. Remain with the student seeking medical emergency assistance until help arrives
3. Cooperate with University Officials following the incident

In some cases judicial actions may be reduced or not imposed. In all cases, the incident will be documented in the student's conduct file. Participation in any program as a result of this policy shall not be noted on the student's conduct record.

Parental notification, educational outcome and referral to meet with the Counseling Center will apply.

The health and safety of the member of the WKU community is of paramount concern. Therefore, students need to seek immediate medical attention for themselves or others when someone's health and or safety are at risk.

WKU is seeking to remove such barriers that prevent students from seeking the medical or psychological attention they need in emergency situations.

We believe that students seeking medical assistance for one-self or a fellow student demonstrates responsible behavior.

A representative of an organization hosting an event is required to promptly seek medical assistance in an alcohol, drugs and/or activities related to inducing an altered state emergency. Hosting organizations whose representatives seek emergency assistance on behalf of persons experiencing alcohol, drugs and/or activities related to inducing an altered state emergencies will not be charged with a violation of the Student Code of Conduct.  Organizations representative(s) may be required to consult with the Director of Student Conduct and that organization may be required to participate in an appropriate educational program. No note or action will be documented as a result of this policy. No organization may receive protection under this section more than two times in an academic year.

This policy only provides amnesty from violations of the WKU Student Code of Conduct. It does not grant forgiveness for criminal, civil, or legal consequences for violations of Federal, State, or Local law.

This policy does not excuse or protect those who repeatedly or flagrantly violate the Student Code of Conduct.

Campus Resources

Counseling Center- http://www.wku.edu/heretohelp/

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