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CEBS Computer Support Policy - 5 Year Replacement Cycle

Initial Purchase for Faculty and Staff

As part of the College's commitment to providing its full-time recurring E&G faculty and staff with the necessary tools to perform their job duties, a new computer will be provided to each new hire from the list of Approved Computer Set-ups provided below. The supervisor of the newly hired individual will be responsible for working with the College's Information Technology Consultant to ensure the appropriate purchase is made.

Five Year Replacement Cycle

The goal of this policy is to ensure that all full-time faculty and staff computers in the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences are replaced every 5 years in order to preserve the efficiency, dependability, and security of our computing systems.

Process for Replacement

  • The employee's main work computer is eligible for an upgrade if it is over 5 years old.
  • The employee will initiate the upgrade process by contacting their supervisor and the Information Technology Consultant to discuss their need for an upgrade.
  • The Information Technology Consultant will evaluate the employee's current computer to determine if it is suitable for replacement. If a replacement is necessary, the Information Technology Consultant will generate a quote from an approved vendor and coordinate the delivery and installation of the computer.
  • The new computer remains the property of the The College of Education and Behavioral Sciences and must be returned to the College when the employee leaves the University, Department, or College.
  • To qualify for a new computer, the old computer must be returned to the College to be redistributed where necessary. Priority will be given to lab and student worker computers in the Department from from where the original computer was obtained.

Approved Computers Set-ups

Computer Name Type Monitors
Dell Latitude Laptop 2
Dell Desktop Desktop 2
Apple MacBook Air 13” Laptop 1
Apple Mac Mini Desktop 2

** Any computers that do not fall under the Approved Set-ups list must receive approval from the Department. The Department will assume responsibility for any additional costs incurred by such approvals.

Request A New Computer

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