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B.A. in Dance

The B.A. in Dance is a 45-credit hour program designed to provide a solid foundation in the discipline of dance. The program requires students to achieve a level 4 in one dance genre and a level 3 in a second genre in order to graduate. Students will take a minimum number of credit hours each in ballet, jazz, modern, and tap dance, after which, they may choose to focus their remaining elective hours or additional time in preferred genres of dance. Students may also choose to study pointe, theatre dance, or additional technique courses. Remaining credits of the degree include a mix of dance study, choreography, dance production, and elective hours. Engagement in dance research and performance compliment the dance major experience extending beyond the curriculum yet enhancing the student’s education and undergraduate adventure.

Students majoring in dance must also complete a minor or a secondary major. This requirement enables students to explore another discipline of interest, creating individualized academic paths for each student. Through this combination of degree programs, students are afforded the opportunity to integrate their dance study with a focused area of interest in preparation for their unique career. The B.A. in Dance is designed to accommodate the dance student who desires to double major with a primary focus elsewhere as well as the dance student who wishes to focus primarily on dance. The Dance faculty readily mentor and advise students through their individual paths of study.

Admittance into the B.A. in Dance degree program is a two-tiered process. Students must first attend a dance placement audition. Then, upon the completion of two semesters, students may be eligible to apply for full admittance into the degree program. Dance majors are advised and assessed by dance faculty each semester. For complete audition, assessment, and application details, please visit the WKU Dance Program Handbook (see link below).



Upon completion of the BA in Dance degree, students should be able to:

  • Analyze dance from historical, cultural and aesthetic contexts and perspectives
  • Demonstrate competency in dance technique, achieving a level four in one genre, level three in a second genre
  • Apply an understanding of choreographic principles to the creation and production of original choreographic work.


B.A in Dance Required Courses

B.A. in Dance Suggested Sequence

Dance Program Performance and Choreography Opportunities

For prospective students:  Dance Audition Registration Form

For current students: B.A. in Dance Application

Dance Program Handbook (2023-2024)


Dancer poses with her back to the camera, looking over her left shoulder. Around her are the events and dates that will be a part of the 23-23 dance season.

WKU Evening of Dance 2019

Abbey Lutts

Trevor Edwards




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