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Dance Auditions

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B.A. in Dance Auditions

In addition to the standard WKU admissions process, incoming/transfer students wishing to major in Dance must also participate in the department’s initial dance placement audition process, after which they will be enrolled as “seeking admission” into the B.A. in Dance program. The dance faculty will make further developmental assessments during the first two semesters, after which “seeking admission” students meeting all of the appropriate criteria may apply for full admittance into the B.A. in Dance program.

Attending the Audition Day

Those planning to audition for the B.A. in Dance degree program should register online at least one week prior to their selected audition date.

The on campus placement dance audition will consist of an information session with the dance faculty/Admissions representative, followed by a complete ballet technique class, separate jazz and modern dance portions, and an optional tap combination. Dance faculty will teach all segments.

Students may then present an optional 90 second self-choreographed solo (in any dance genre/style). The solo is not required and does not impact a student’s placement into the program; however, this may be an opportunity for a student to showcase any other form of dance in which he/she is trained and allows faculty to gain further insight into a student’s candidacy. Participation in this portion of the auditionis mandatory for consideration of the Potter College Creative Arts Scholarship or a Jerry E. Baker Dance Scholarship.

There are two ways to audition:

Auditions must include the following:

1)  Resume

Bring a resume that includes academic experience/accomplishments and dance training, performance, and accomplishments.

2)  Narrative:

Bring a typed narrative (maximum of one page in length) in which the prospective student describes previous dance experience and identifies and discusses future goals.

3)  Recent Photographs:

Bring a recent photograph, professional or informal, that shows the prospective student in a full body dance pose along with a recent headshot, professional or informal.

Sample Audition Day:

8:45 a.m.                     Check-in

9:00 – 10:00 a.m.        Information Session with Dance

10:15 – 11:15 a.m.      Ballet Technique Class (optional
                                       pointe segment)

11:20 – 11:50 a.m.       Jazz Dance

12:00 – 12:30 p.m.      Modern Dance

12:30 – 1:00 p.m.        Tap Combination (optional)

1:00 p.m.                      Optional 90 sec. Solo (required
                                       for scholarship consideration)


Audition Attire: Bring ballet slippers, pointe shoes (ladies), jazz, and tap shoes. All dancers should have access to bare feet for the modern portion. Women should wear a solid color leotard, skin colored tights for the ballet portion, and black tights for the remaining movement portions. Men should wear black tights and a fitted, white shirt for the ballet portion; black leggings or jazz pants may be worn for the remaining portions. No extra clothing should be worn. Hair should be secured back and out of the face and neck.

For inquiries about the audition process, contact Dance Program Coordinator Amanda Clark at amanda.clark@wku.edu.


While auditioning by video is an option, we strongly encourage prospective students to audition in person, if possible. 

Those students unable to attend the audition day for the B.A. in Dance degree program may submit an audition by URL links. To be considered for any dance-based scholarships, video auditions must be received by February 1st. Otherwise, video auditions are due by May 1st and must include the following:

Video auditions must include the following:

1)  Self-introduction (include description of the student’s dance background and why the student wishes to pursue the B.A. in Dance degree)

2)  Ballet Movement:

The following ballet exercises at the barre from a side view:

  • Demi plié and grand plié (1st, 2nd, and 5th positions)
  • Tendu and dégagé – 4 en croix (from 5th position)
  • Fondus en croix­ with passé relevé and balance
  • Grand Battement – 2 en croix

 The following center exercises:

  • Tendu/dégagé combination using the classical positions of the body. Example: croisédevant, effacé devant, …etc.
  • Adagio/développé combination
  • From a front view: Single/multiple pirouette(s) exercise
  • Waltz exercise on the diagonal that includes balancés, waltz turns, piqué turns, and chaîné turns
  • Petite allegro exercise that includes glissade jeté and glissade assemblé
  • Grand allegro that includes saut de chat/tour jété

3)  Jazz Movement: A combination of choice that highlights extensions, pirouettes, and leaps within the genre

4) Modern Movement: A phrase demonstrating head/tail connection, release, and stylistic approach within the genre

5) Tap Movement: A acapella combination that demonstration depth of vocabulary, clarity of sound, and rhythmical accuracy

6) Optional 90 second Solo: A self-choreographed solo in any dance genre, required only for scholarship consideration

A registration form must be submitted online.

The complete audition packet (resume, typed narrative, photographs, and video links) should be emailed to Amanda Clark, Dance Program Coordinator, at




Admittance into the BA in Dance Degree

A student may apply for full admittance into the B.A. in Dance degree after the completion of 2 semesters (transfer students must complete at least 15 hours at WKU).  Students must apply for full admittance by their 4th semester and be accepted by the completion of their 5th semester (transfer students must apply and be accepted prior to completing 30 credit hours at WKU).  Students must meet the following minimum requirements before applying:

  • A minimum overall grade point average of 2.5.
  • Completion of 8 hours of dance technique.
  • Student must have taken or currently be enrolled in a 300 level dance technique course (ballet, jazz, or modern)
  • Demonstrate proficient talent, commitment, and a reasonable likelihood of  achieving the technique level requirements of the degree program. 

Once admitted to the B.A. in Dance degree, a student will be regularly assessed by the dance faculty to ensure that the student is successfully progressing within the degree program.

Would you like to audition for a scholarship while also auditioning for the Dance Program?

Your B.A. in Dance audition will also be an audition for the Potter College Creative Arts Scholarship and/or Jerry E. Baker Dance Scholarship if you register online, attend the audition, and complete the following additional two steps:

Once you complete these two steps, register online, and attend the audition, you will be considered for the placement into the Dance Program and the Creative Arts Scholarship and/or the Jerry E. Baker Dance Scholarship.  

Jerry E. Baker Foundation Scholarships

These scholarships may range anywhere from $500 to several thousand dollars. The award amount is typically split between the fall semester and spring semester of your first year. To be eligible you must maintain full-time status. There may be additional stipulations depending on your major. These are one-time awards, although you are welcome to apply in future years for Scholarships for Current Students.

 Potter College Creative Arts Scholarships

These scholarships can range between $1,000 and several thousand dollars per year and are renewable for four years (8 semesters total). Terms for renewal include full-time status at WKU, a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above, and declaring and making reasonable progress toward an approved arts major.  Students awarded a Potter College Creative Arts Scholarship through the Department of Theatre & Dance must take at least 9 credit hours per academic year in the major in order to maintain reasonable progress in the degree. Transfer students are not eligible for this scholarship.

EOD Program

Poster depicting dancers performing all four genres of dance along with the same details regarding dates and location for the auditions also listed below.
2023-2024 Audition Dates:
October 21, 2023
February 10, 2024
WKU Campus, Gordon Wilson Hall, 2nd Floor Dance Studio, See Map.
For questions about B.A. Dance Auditions please contact: Email:amanda.clark@wku.edu



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