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Theatre Program Auditions and Interviews

B.A. in Theatre

Any student admitted to WKU may pursue the B.A. in Theatre degree.  No separate audition or interview is required.


B.F.A. – Performing Arts

We do this a little differently than some other programs.  You are not required to audition or interview before beginning the B.F.A. – Performing Arts degree.  You do have to select an area of concentration: Acting, Theatre, Musical Theatre, or Theatre Design & Technology and you will be classified as a pre-major in that program.  From the very beginning of your first  semester you will take a full slate of B.F.A. classes.  We also want you to start auditioning for shows immediately.  In your 3rd semester (the 2nd semester for transfer students) you will audition or interview for full admission in the program.  

If you’re in the Acting or Musical Theatre concentration, it will be an audition for admission into the program.  If you’re a Theatre Design & Technology student, you will present a portfolio of your work.  If you are interested in the new B.F.A. in Theatre, it will be an interview and presentation on an assigned play.  If admitted into the B.F.A., you must participate in the jury process and maintain a 2.5 minimum GPA.  Should you not be admitted to the B.F.A., you won’t have lost ground.  You can opt to switch to the B.A. in Theatre degree and all of the theatre and dance classes taken up to that point will move with you.  If denied entrance to the B.F.A., you also have the option to appeal that decision, or audition a second time in the following semester.  Full audition details and program requirements are contained in our Jury Handbooks.

Why do we handle B.F.A. auditions this way?  We think it gives both you and the faculty an opportunity to make a more informed decision.  By the 3rd semester you’ve had many of us as teachers and we’ve gotten to know you as a student.  Maybe we’ve even seen you in one of our shows by that point.  We also help you prepare for that audition or interview, and even give you a trial run in your 2nd semester.  That way, you’ve had a chance to decide if the B.F.A. is really for you, and we’ve gotten to know you much better than we possibly could have through a five minute, nerve-wracking, audition or interview before you’ve even started college.  It works. 

Can I audition/interview for scholarship money?  

You bet!  Who wouldn't want some extra money?  If you are a high school senior interested in either the B.A. in Theatre, or B.F.A. in Performing Arts, you are encouraged to audition or interview for the Theatre & Dance Scholarships for First-Time Freshmen.


Sringara: Shyama Iyer

Sringara: Shyama Iyer

Aglionike's Tiger: Sabas Deltoro

Aglaonike's Tiger: Sabas Deltoro



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