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Resource Conservation Program

Campus Race to Zero Waste

WKU is participating in the Campus Race to Zero Waste! CR2ZW is a national recycling competition among colleges and universities to waste less and recycle more. Last semester, WKU had a diversion rate of 17% through single-stream recycling, composting, and food recovery. This semester, we want to raise it to 20%! Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle to put WKU on TOP!



WKU Recycling = Materials for Manufacturing


Recycled in the USA


The Stadium Recycling Program celebrates it's 5th season!

After a limited clean-up season in 2020/2021, Facilities Management is ready to revive the program in 2021/2022! After the record breaking game attendance on 9/26/2021, student volunteers collected 472 pounds of recycling, 422 pounds of trash and 1,119pounds of liquids from the stadium! Through recycling and pouring out liquids, our volunteers saved the university $95 dollars in landfill disposal fees in addition to the $1,000 saved in labor expenses. WKU also donated $1,500 to the student organizations who participated in the program. To register your organization to volunteer this season, fill out the 2020 sign up form.


Weigh the Waste!

On April 30th 2019, WKU Resource Conservation "Weighed the Waste" for a greener world. We dumped both the trash compactor and recycling dumpster on to the DSU Courtyard to see how WKU is doing diverting waste. Jill Brown's GEOG 280 class sorted the waste into like materials, weighed the waste and recorded data as a part of the lab portion of their class. Overall, they sorted through 354.3 pounds of landfill waste and 130.5 pounds of recycling. This data showed that WKU still has a long way to go in helping students reduce, reuse and recycle. 


Hilltopper Hall Waste Characterization Study                    Hilltopper Hall Recycling Results

Thank you to Hilltopper Hub's staff for composting all pre-consumer food waste and recycling! 


Resource Conservation keeps WKU green and clean! As a part of the Department of Facilities Management, Resource Conservation manages recycling, composting, and other waste reduction endevors as a part of the Campus Services team. The goal of Resource Conservation is to minimize waste, promote responsible disposal, and invest in student groups. WKU has been a regional sustainability leader for the past decade: we are proud of our contribution to these initiatives. Go Green. Go TOPS!






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