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What if Reused

If you can't avoid using an item, reuse it! There are so many great ways to reuse what we have to make something both trendy and functional. Simple switches like using a reusable water bottle or shopping bag can add up to be a huge difference overtime.


What ifchoose to reuse

Something simple like a disposable water bottle can lead to a HUGE amount of waste! Choose a reusable water bottle to keep the earth green and clean.
Pinterest is a wonderful resource for idea's on how to reuse everyday waste. Check out the printable bulletin board "ReuseThis!" for ideas on how to turn your trash into treasure. 
Extend the life of your items throught repair! Clothing, electronics, shoes and vehicles are all susceptible to damage from everyday use. Repairing these items helps us save money while helping the earth. Check out the graphic below for reasons why to fix everyday items!

why fix it

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