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Be a Recycling Pro!

Recycle Right @ WKU


We want all of our Hilltoppers to be recycling pros! Once an item is placed in the bin, that is just the beginning of it's recycling journey. By utilizing a few recycling best practice tips, we can ensure the recycling process is cost effective and convenient for WKU!

Following these tips will help WKU produce the highest quality recycled material to be remanufactured:


  • Only use recycling and trash bins for their intended purpose. Anything in a trash or recycling bin will be disposed of. 


  • Remove food and liquid waste from containers.

    • Food and liquid waste is the main contaminate in WKU recycling bins. By emptying out bottles and food containers, WKU can have a more clean recycling stream.  


  • Remove non-recyclable waste from containers.

    • Styrofoam is not recyclable on campus, so it is important to remove styrofoam from any boxes before they go in the recycling.


  • Avoid double-bagging recyclable material.

    • At the recyling facility, each bag must be ripped open by an employee on a sorting line. If items are double-bagged, the employees struggle to rip the bags open causing the recycling to not be sorted properly. 



  • Flatten boxes and other recyclables.

    • Flattening recyclable materials is one way to ensure we fit as much as possible in the bin before transporting it to the recycling facility in Louisville. When we flatten boxes and other items, we ensure WKU is transporting more recycling and less air to the facility. 

Cardboard Recycling Video


Lastly, if you need an office recycling bin or trash can, contact courtney.martin@wku.edu.

Thank you for recycling! Go Green. Go Tops!

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 Last Modified 11/14/21