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Where Does the Recycling Go?

Single Stream Recycling

The single stream recycling is collected on campus from every academic building, special events, and from the community. After it leaves WKU, it is sent to a sorting facility in Louisville, KY. That sorting facility, QRS, will bale all the different commodities and sell the product to buyers within a 5 state radius.


Why green bags for recycling? 

Anything recycled in a black bag will go to the landfill! QRS does not accept any materials in a black bag for one main reason: It is unsafe for their employees to open a bag without being able to visibly assess its contents. For this reason, QRS communicates clearly to its partners that anything received in a black bag will not be opened and go straight to the landfill. BSA's and each Residence Hall Front Desk have green bags. Need more green bags? Contact us at 745-6827.

Learn more about QRS


Electronic Recycling

Old computers, broken and discarded electronics, and all university "e-waste" is recycled in Evansville, IN. This e-cycler will recycle the precious metals from computers, refurbish computers, donate computers, and re-purpose as much of the e-scrap as possible.

Learn more about C and I Electronics


Glass and Cardboard Recycling

Currently, we take our compacted and clean cardboard to Southern Recycling in Bowling Green, KY. We take our glass to Southern Recycling as well. The glass is sent to Georgia, and it is color separated there. It is turned it into a raw material called cullet. Cullet is then sold to the end-users (bottle manufacturers), and they mix with their other raw materials to make new bottles and jars.

Southern Recycling does not have a website, but their contact information is (270) 781-3265.


Metal Recycling

Large metal pieces of recycling get sent to local scrap yards depending on the market value of the particular commodity. 


Printer Cartridge Recycling

If your department gives your old printer cartridges to WKU Recycling or Surplus to pick up, that cartridge was picked up at WKU by Clover Technologies out of Illinois. To recycle the cartridges, they go through a 6-step grinding process. Ultimately, the cartridges are turned into new products as shown in the diagram below:

How printer toner is recycled


What about the Waste?

WKU has a contract with Scott Waste to haul all of our waste and some of our recycling. The single stream recycling, glass, and cardboard are all hauled away from campus by Scott Waste to the various vendors mentioned above. The waste hauled off from WKU is sent to Hopkins County Regional Landfill in White Plains, KY.

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