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Recycling Signs

Printable Recycling Signage

Make you office or dorm room more sustainable with these free printable recycling signs! If you need a recycling bin contact Beth Gafford at elizabeth.gafford@wku.edu.


Print our Waste Less Waste Guide, which is perfect for offices or dorm rooms. This compact sign covers both what is recyclable and what must go in the landfill. 


Recycling printout for personal recycling bins.

Landfill printout for personal trash bins.

Compost guides for knowing what to put in compost cans. Composting is available in select locations on campus.

Printer Cartrige Recycling notice.


Printable Bulletin Boards

Use these free, printable bulletin boards to educate your students and co-workers about waste reduction on campus.


Reuse This! This Pinterest inspired board demonstrates how "trash" can be used to create something functional, convenient, and trendy. 


How Long Does Trash Last? When we consume goods, we rarely think about how long that trash will last. Will it decompose within 5 months or 5 years? Will it last a decade or a century? This board displays how long a small piece of trash can last in order to motivate students and staff to reduce their waste. 


A Greener you at WKU. This board covers all the awesome sustainability opportunities WKU offers.


What bin does this go in? This is a highly interactive board allows students sort different waste items on the board each week in order to learn what bin each item goes in based on the recycling facilities on campus. 


Resource Conservation also has one laminated copy of each board in the office. Email courtney.martin758@topper.wku.edu to borrow a board and reduce waste! 


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 Last Modified 5/21/18