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Solid-State Nanomaterials Laboratory

Dr. Sanju Gupta's research at the Solid-State Nanomaterials laboratory focuses on the design, synthesis, processing, and characterization of a vast array of nanoscale materials useful for real-world problems.  The research spans from the basic physics of  understanding the underlying fundamental science of nanomaterials to the applied physics involved with understanding the multiple roles that these nanomaterials play in important fields such as energy and water sustainability.

In particular, research in this labortory focuses on a range of exotic and frontier nanocarbons such as graphene and related materials, carbon nanotubes, nanodiamond and their heterogeneous integration with other nanomaterials to improve physical properties by means of tailored interfaces. The technological focus is in areas such as alternative renewable energy, water detoxification and sensing.

Nanoscience and nanotechnology are rapidly growing fields at the forefront of modern and future research.  Students working in this laboratory receive education and training in the study of the properties and characteristics of materials that allows them to contribute in this field by understanding the relationships between Physics and Chemistry at the nanometer scale.  This training is supplemented with using multiple state-of-the-art instruments, such as optical and electron microscopy, laser spectroscopy, vibrational spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, electrochemistry, thermal and electrical measurements, and bio-nano interfaces to develop multiple characterizations of materials under development and study.


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