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Electronics & Instrumentation Laboratory

The Electronics and Instrumentation Laboratory is the hub for all things electrical in the Department of Physics and Astronomy.  The lab has facilities for designing, building and testing circuits, for soldering circuit components, and for working with basic data acquisition systems. Standard bench top electronics hardware such as power supplies, function generators, and oscilloscopes are available. In addition, these capabilities and more are available as virtual instruments using National Instruments ELVIS II+ workstations and computers. The computers in the lab have the latest versions of LabVIEW, MultiSim and Anaconda Python available. Students with projects that have data acquisition requirements are encouraged to take advantage of the capabilities of the lab.

The lab can also be used for instruction. It can easily accommodate up to 16 students, a few more in a pinch. It regularly hosts PHYS 301 - Electrical Measurements Laboratory and PHYS 318 - Data Acquisition Using LabVIEW. Other courses such as PHYS 316 - Computational Physics are also sometimes taught in this room.

For inquiries about this laboratory contact Dr. Doug Harper.

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