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Minor in Astronomy

The minor in astronomy is designed to provide a background in astronomy, astrophysics, and planetary science for students from a wide range of backgrounds. Students who intend to undertake graduate work in astronomy should complete a major in physics with a minor in mathematics.

A minor in astronomy consists of at least 16 credit hours of required core courses and at least 4 credit hours from the list of restricted electives.

The core requirements are:

  • ASTR 214 (4 hrs),
  • ASTR 314 (4 hrs); and
  • an introductory sequence of classical physics: PHYS 255 / PHYS 256 and PHYS 265 / PHYS 266 (10 hours); or PHYS 201 and PHYS 202 (8 hours); or PHYS 231 / PHYS 232 and PHYS 332 / PHYS 233 (8 hours).

Physics majors must substitute GEOL 111 / GEOL 113 for PHYS 255 / PHYS 256. The actual number of elective credit hours required for an astronomy minor is dependent upon satisfaction of the university requirement that at least one-half of the credits required for each major or minor be earned in courses numbered 300 and above.

The list of restricted electives includes: ASTR 305, ASTR 414, PHYS 316, PHYS 441 / PHYS 404, PHYS 445, PHYS 450, PHYS 465, GEOL 325, GEOL 330, GEOL 350, GEOL 370, GEOL 420 or GEOL 465.

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