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WKU Basketball Event Parking Reminder

WKU Basketball Season is here! Our first Women’s exhibition game is tonight at 7:00 PM.  The Men’s first exhibition game is set for Saturday, November 2nd at 3:00 p.m. 

As a reminder, several parking areas will be reserved four hours prior to game time for each game during the season. For detailed maps of reserved parking areas and post-game traffic flow, please see the following maps: 

The Basketball reserved lots include:

  • All parking lots surrounding Diddle Arena
  • Parking Structures 1 & 2
  • South Lawn (Men’s Game Only)

Paid public parking will be available in PS1 for $8 for men’s game and in PS1 & PS2 for $5 for women’s games. 

Open visitor parking will be available in the Creason Lot, Russellville Road Lot, Service Supply Lot, Jones Jaggers Lot, Chestnut Street South Lot, Honors Lot, College Hill Lot, HUB Lot, Lower Hub Lot, and Kentucky Street Lot. 

Shuttle service will be available from the Adams Street Lot and Alumni Square Garage for men’s games only.  

To view a complete schedule for both Men’s and Women’s Basketball, please visit the following links:

Men’s Basketball Schedule

Women’s Basketball Schedule

Thanks for helping to make each game day a successful one!




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