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Fulfilling Your Pledge: Tiers I & II

Fulfilling Your Pledge: Tiers I & II

To maintain the credits and discount on your health plan premiums, you and your covered spouse/partner must complete Tier I by December 15, 2018 (150 points) and Tier II by September 1, 2019 (250 points).

New HiresClick HERE to view 2019 Tier I & II deadlines.


December 15, 2018

Tier I (Earn 150 points by completing both activities)

Online Health Assessment
75 points

Log in to the Top Life Wellness Portal to complete.

Biometric Screening
 75 points

1. Call 270-745-2273 (option 4) to schedule an appointment at the Graves Gilbert Clinic @ WKU.


2. Complete the biometric screening through your doctor’s office using the Alternative Means Screening (AMS) Form.


September 1, 2019

Tier II (Earn 250 points by completing any combination of activities)

50 points

Total cholesterol < 200 OR Total/HDL ratio < 5.0 or less based on Biometric Screening

Blood Pressure
 50 points

Age ≤ 59: less than 120/80 mm Hg; age 60+: less than 150/90 mm Hg based on Biometric Screening

50 points

Fasting glucose < 100 mg/dL based on Biometric Screening

50 points

Based on responses to Health Assessment

BMI/Weight Loss
50 points

< 27.5 OR 5% loss from previous year based on Biometric Screening

Health Coaching
250 points

Complete 8 coaching goals

Naturally Slim
250 points

Complete 8 of 10 weekly Foundations Sessions

Tobacco Cessation – HealthFitness Coaching Sessions
250 points

Complete 4 tobacco coaching sessions

Tobacco Cessation - On-Campus Freedom From Smoking Meetings
250 points

Attend at least 6 of 8 meetings

Colorful Choices (Summer Semester)
150 points

6-week online challenge - earn 200 produce points

10K a Day (Spring Semester)
150 points

8-week online challenge - log 240,000 steps

Physical Activity
up to 200 points

Self-report cardio (30 min), steps (8,000), strength or flexibility training via the Physical Activity Trackers) – 4 points/day

Fitness Assessment or Strength Training Orientation
100 points

Call Preston Health & Fitness Lab at 270-745-6531 to schedule

Health Advising Call (One-Time Call)
100 points

After completing Tier 1 activities, call 1-800-616-2136 to review your Health Summary Report.

Preventive Screenings/Flu Shot (up to 2)
50 points each

Self-Report receiving a colorectal cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer, orosteoporosis screening, or flu shot via the ‘Preventive Screening / Flu Shot’ WKU –Self-Reported Tracker

Wellness Seminar/Activity (up to 3)
50 points each

Self-Report attending an eligible seminar or activity via the ‘Wellness Seminar / Activity’ WKU – Self-Reported Tracker


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