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University Disciplinary Committee Procedures

UDC ChairsUniversity Disciplinary Committee

Preliminary Procedures & Disciplinary Conference Procedures


Preliminary Procedures


1. Director of Student Conduct (Director) or thier designee shall have notified the student or students in writing as to the time and place of the conference to be held by the university committee for student disciplinary matters and of the nature of the problem or charge and the information against the student or students.


2. Notification to the student (s) shall be made at least three days before the hearing is to be held. The student will meet the Director or thier designee to discuss the UDC process and sign a conference consent form. In the student’s absence, a written report of the facts of the case and all related documents will be presented and reviewed by the University Disciplinary Committee and a decision will be made as to whether or not a violation of misconduct occurred and an appropriate sanction will be levied at that time.


3. The Director of Student Conduct and other persons on the staff shall provide the committee with a written report of the facts of the case.


4. If so desired, the student(s) may be accompanied at the hearing by a member of the faculty, staff, fellow student or any third party approved by the University. Written approval must be secured two working days prior to the conference.


5. Persons accompanying the student may advise but not represent and may not address the Committee in any fashion without permission from the Chairperson.


6. Due to the delicate nature of the conference and because of the need to protect confidential records and the alleged victim, these meetings shall be otherwise closed.


Disciplinary Conference Procedures


1. The Chairperson will begin the meeting by citing reasons for the call. Information bearing on whether or not a violation or misconduct has occurred will be given by the Director of Student Conduct or an appointed representative of the Vice President for Enrollment and Student Experience.


2. The student will be given an opportunity to state the case and to present pertinent information for defense.


3. The Chairperson will call for discussion in a question and answer exchange on whether or not a violation or misconduct has occurred.


4. The Committee will make a decision in an executive session on whether or not a violation or misconduct has occurred.


5. The decision of the Committee will be reported to the student and the student's representative in a private session. If the decision is that a violation or misconduct has occurred, the Committee will then hear and consider information bearing upon the circumstances of extenuation or mitigation. The Committee will then apply sanctions in closed session. If the Committee finds that a violation or misconduct did not occur, the Committee meeting will conclude without application of sanction.


6.  A record of the session proceedings will be retained by the University.


UDC Appeal Procedures

Appeal process 

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