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How to Use Maximo

WKU Facilities Management is switching to Maximo!


Welcome to Maximo 101! Facilities Management recently switched work order management software from Insite to Maximo. This switch will allow us to better track our labor and serve WKU's campus more effectively. Follow the steps below or check out this PDF to register for Maximo.

How to register for Maximo


Go to https://Sodexo-na.maximo.com and click 'Register Now'


  1. Fill in the customer ID - WKUKYUS
  2. Do not check the "Are you a Sodexo Internal Employee" box. This field is for DFM staff only.
  3. Fill out your first name.
  4. Fill out your last name,
  5. WKU Email Address (mandatory - do not use an alternative email address).
  6. Select your language - (EN).
  7. Fill out your work phone number, building, floor and room number.
  8. Hit "Submit".

You will receive an email notification granting you access after your registration request has been removed. 


Click here to register!


After you have registered, download and watch the guided presentation below to learn how to use Maximo. In Maximo, you can submit a service request, check the status of a service request, and see notes from DFM staff regarding your request. This presentation will show you how to navigate the Maximo Self Service Center. 


How to use Maximo


After you have registered and watched the presentation, you are ready to enter a service request! Use the WKU Single Sign On to access Maximo. This link is available on the My WKU webpage and app.


Go to 'Single Sign On' for Maximo

Some of the links on this page may require additional software to view.

 Last Modified 8/5/21