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Senate Committees

According to the WKU SGA Constitution, Senate Committees are the “legislative vehicles for the Senate.” This means that most of the legislation presented before the Student Senate emerged from a committee that had deliberated over its contents. All SGA senators are required to serve on at least one committee, but committee membership is not limited to senators. While committee chair positions are reserved for senators, any WKU student can be a part of a committee and participate in the committee’s activities and discussions. 

Below is a list of all WKU SGA Senate committees. Feel free to attend any committee meeting at their designated meeting times to work with senators on potential legislation or to bring forth any problems that you think a particular committee would be best-equipped to handle.

You can also click here to fill out a Committee Interest Form!

TheLegislative Research Committee -

As a member of the Legislative Operations Committee, your responsibility is to be the first person to review any form of legislation; bills, and resolutions. Once the committee receives the legislation, the members will collectively read the legislation over and make sure the bill/resolution is adequately researched. In concurrence, the committee also makes sure that the proposed piece of legislation does not conflict with the current Constitution. 

Committee Chair: Addy McCoun

Meeting Time: Wednesday at 5:30 pm in DSU 2045

The Student Experience and Enrollment Committee -

Serves the student body on all academic and non-academic affairs performs duties as delegated by Senate or the consensus of the Executive Cabinet. 

Committee Chair: Shelby Robertson

Meeting Time: Tuesday at 4:00 pm in DSU 2045

The Outreach and Student Experience Committee -

Provides publicity for all WKU SGA meetings, activities, and programs; assists all WKU SGA committees concerning public relations; assists the Director of Public Relations in maintaining the communication channels with the media; works to foster connections between WKU SGA and all RSO’s; and performs duties as delegated by Senate or the consensus of the Executive Cabinet.

Committee Chair: Calleigh Powell

Meeting Time: Tuesday at 4:00 pm in DSU 2047

The Campus Improvements and Sustainability Committee -

Serves the student body by initiating and continuing programs to improve the physical evolution of the WKU campus. Committee members work to promote sustainable practices among the students of WKU as the matter of institutional sustainability becomes increasingly important.

Committee Chair: Zach Skillman

Meeting Time: Thursday at 4:00 pm in DSU 2045

The Committee for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The SGA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee aims to create a campus that is safe, accessible, and inclusive for all students, including but not limited to racial and ethnic minorities, LGBTQ students, and the disabled community at WKU. The committee seeks to create not just coexistence, but engagement and interaction between all of WKU’s communities.

Committee Chair: Olivia Blackmon

Meeting Time: Thursday at 5:30 pm in DSU 2045


The  Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Committee

The Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Committee works to promote, encourage, and support healthy living across Western Kentucky University. The committee focuses on mental health awareness, sexual assault and domestic violence prevention, and physical wellness. The committee serves to destigmatize these issues, and to create easy access to resources provided by the University. The goal of the committee is to create a culture of wellness across campus.

Committee Chair: Alex Cissell

Meeting Time: Monday at 5:00 pm in DSU 2045



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