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Ending Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is perhaps the most pervasive issue on all college campuses across the United States. The WKU Student Government Association believes “It’s On Us” as students to stop sexual assault, and we as an organization want to lead the charge. “It’s On Us” is a national movement that seeks to raise awareness about how ending sexual assault falls on all of us, especially us as college students.

As the organization that represents all Hilltoppers, we must strive to cultivate a campus culture that neither blames victims of sexual assault nor treats sexual assault as uncommon. Because of the prevalence of sexual assault and the effects it has on college students, the WKU Student Government Association is working to ensure that the resources already available to students are easily and readily accessible.

In order to best end sexual assault and ensure students have the resources available to help them whenever they need it, we must, first, raise awareness on campus about the commonness of sexual assault and what we can do to combat it. Raising awareness begins with holding forums on this issue.

Awareness creates policies that end sexual assault, and policies that end sexual assault have the potential to change the campus culture to being proactive in combatting sexual assault.

 Exposing the existence of sexual assault on our campus is not a denunciation of our university, but is instead about exposing the truth. Moreover, we want to clarify for all students what exactly is considered sexual assault.

Students who need help should know the WKU Student Government Association is here for them. That is why this page (below) contains all existing information regarding resources for students who have any questions about sexual assault or who need help.

Hope Harbor– sexual assault trauma recovery center – 270-782-5014; Crisis Line – 24 Hour:  1-800-656-HOPE (4673) or 270-846-1100;



For more outside information on existing sexual assault resources, please visit endrapeoncampus.org or notalone.gov.

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 Last Modified 11/4/22