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Registered Student Organizations

Benefits & Expectations


What are Registered Student Organization (RSO)?
Registered Student Organizations (RSO) are opportunities to form and create student led organizations based on shared interests, hobbies and/or passions. Students are able to create, budget and plan their own events as well as govern their organization under the guidance of an advisor. Involvement in an RSO will allow individuals to meet new people, develop their interest, become engaged and have fun.  


How to become a NEW RSO?

Apply to become an RSO

Apply here if you are interested in registering your student group.

Document Submission

For new RSOs, send the following document to rso@wku.edu after completing the RSO Form:

  • Constitution/By-Laws/Charter- New Registered Student Organization only
  • Are the required statements included in your Constitution/By-Laws/Charter? Constitution Sample
  • Many student organizations need an Employer Identification Number (EIN) for banking purposes and to receive organizational aid.
    • You can find step-by-step instructions for creating an EIN here. If you need to register through the Secretary of State here are the instructions on how to do so. The website to create an EIN is here. If your organization has lost or misplaced your EIN, you can find more information for recovering that number here.

Submission Review

All submitted forms/documents will be reviewed by the Office of Student Activities. Upon approval, will be sent to the Office of the Vice President of Enrollment and Student Experience for final approval.


The Vice President of Enrollment and Student Experience will send a confirmation letter to the RSOs primary advisor.


How to renew your existing RSO?

RSO Update Form

Have your faculty/staff advisor submit a Renewal Form to update your organizations information for the 2023-2024 academic year

How to update your RSO's contact information to reserve space in DSU?

DSU Reservation Designee Form

Only RSO advisors and one designated student can reserve union space for each organization. Update the union contact person from your organization here. 




What are the benefits of being a RSO?
  • Use of University facilities: buildings, grounds, services (some may have usage fees)
  • Opportunity to connect with other students
  • Establish the organization’s platform and voice on campus
  • Use of RSO mailboxes in Student Activities (depended on availability)
  • Assistance in the interpretation of University policies and procedures
  • Participation in RSO Fairs
  • Opportunities for Leadership Training provided by Leadership & Volunteerism
  • Ability to apply for Organizational Aid through the Student Government Association (SGA)


Expectations of RSOs
  • Abide by all applicable federal, state, and local laws as well as University policies and procedures
  • Ensure continuity from year to year by training new leadership and keeping good records of all organizational endeavors
  • Maintain open and honest communication channels with members, advisors, and University officials (i.e. Student Activities staff, etc…)
  • Respect the dignity of all persons, and not physically, psychologically, or sexually abuse or haze anyone.
  • Strive to promote intellectual and academic achievement and integrity
  • Practice sound fiscal management
  • Respect the existence and rights of other student organizations and strive to establish a sense of community among student organizations


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