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iCAP (Interactive Curriculum and Academic Progress) is the degree audit system for undergraduate students with a catalog term prior to fall 2021. If you are an undergraduate student with a catalog term of fall 2021 or after, you will need to refer to Degree Works for your degree audit information.

iCAP students can obtain personalized, interactive audits displaying progress toward a selected degree. An audit shows all the requirements needed to fulfill a major, minor or concentration and displays the transfer and WKU courses that have been used to satisfy those requirements. Students can run "What-If" audits to compare their coursework against other majors.

Exceptions forms may be used to grant substitutions and waivers to degree requirements. The following is a list of available exception forms and potential uses.

Form: Use for: 
iCAP Undergraduate Exception Form 
  • Substituting a WKU or transfer course for another WKU course in the major or minor requirement
  • Waiving a grade/elevated GPA requirement
  • Waiving a course or hours in a major or minor.
  • Manual screening of World/Foreign Language Requirement

Note: Requires the dean's signature.

Professional Education Exception For Courses Older Than 10 Years
  •  Allowing courses over 10 years old to apply toward professional education requirements.

Note: Requires the department head's signature, and a copy must be sent to teacher certification.

Request to Change or Extend Catalog Term/Year
  •  Updating curriculum to show new major, minor, and general education/ Colonnade requirements. 

Note: Requires the student's department head's, and dean's signature.

JUMP iCAP Exception Form
  • Authorization to use graduate courses toward both undergraduate and graduate degrees (JUMP students only)

Use for:

Associate of Interdisciplinary Studies Degree Program Form
  • Students pursuing the AIS curriculum.
Second Degree Program Form
  • Students pursuing a second associate or second baccalaureate degree must complete this document.  The dean's office will forward the form to the Office of the Registrar.
  • Students pursuing an undergraduate certificate program must complete this form.
Degree Program Change Form
  • Changes to paper degree program or certificate forms.


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