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Office of the Registrar

FERPA for Faculty and Staff

Posting Grades 
Do not display student scores or grades in a public place or associate grades with names, social security numbers, WKU ID numbers, or any other personal identifiers.  This applies to paper, computer, and verbal recording of grades.

Returning graded papers and assignments 
Do not place graded papers / exams / projects in publicly accessible places. Distributing graded work in a manner that exposes the student's identity or otherwise displays personally identifiable information is a violation of FERPA, regardless of the medium used.   

Access to student records   
Faculty and staff members are school officials, as defined by FERPA.  Faculty members are given access to class and grade rosters as well as other education records; however, student records must not be accessed unless a legitimate educational interest exists.

When parents request information
From time to time parents will contact instructors, advisors, or other staff members to find out how their child is performing academically. Remember, you are not allowed to discuss anything beyond directory information with the parent unless the student has given written permission for you to discuss non-directory information.

Students may permit you to discuss their education records with their parents or other third party by providing a signed "Authorization to Disclose Academic Information" form to you.

Contact the Office of the Registrar if you still have questions about talking with a parent.

Obligation to release directory information
FERPA states an institution may release directory information.  We are not, however, required to do so.  If you encounter a situation in which you are uncomfortable providing information, do not do so.  If the requesting party is insistent, contact the Office of the Registrar.

Recommendation and reference letters
Do not include any non-directory information in a recommendation or reference letter unless you are specifically authorized to do so by the requesting student.  Students must request the release of this information in writing.

Student Workers
Student employees of the university are under the same obligation to uphold FERPA rights and regulations as faculty and staff. This obligation is not limited to paid student workers;  it also includes students who have access to non-directory information as part of their duties, such as teaching assistants, lab assistants, etc.

Health or safety emergencies
If non-directory information is required during an emergency, WKU may release that information if it is deemed necessary to protect the health or safety of the student or other individuals.


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 Last Modified 1/14/19