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FERPA for Parents

Office of the Registrar

FERPA for Parents


What rights does FERPA grant me as the parent of a WKU student? 
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act transfers certain privacy rights from parent to student once the student reaches 18 years of age or is enrolled in a post-secondary institution, regardless of age. This means parents no longer enjoy the same right of access they had when their student attended primary or secondary schools.


What is directory and non-directory information?   
FERPA defines directory information as that information contained in the education records of a student that would not generally be considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if disclosed.  FERPA GUIDELINES.

All other information is deemed non-directory, meaning it can be released only with the permission of the student.  Parents are encouraged to consult with the student if academic information is needed.


May I request a transcript on behalf of my child?      
Transcripts are considered non-directory information.  Therefore, a parent may not request his or her child's transcript.


How does my child grant me access to his or her non-directory information?  
Students may grant their parents access to non-directory information by completing the Authorization to Disclose Academic Information form. 

Students who choose to grant access to their non-directory information should provide a copy of the form to each WKU employee who will be authorized to correspond with parents or other individuals about the students' education records.

Access to TopNet and Blackboard information should be discussed with the student in order to minimize any misunderstanding between WKU and parents.  WKU does not allow third party access to its student information systems.


What is the FERPA procedure in health or safety emergencies?  
If non-directory information is required during an emergency, WKU may release that information if it deems the information is necessary to protect the health or safety of the student or other individuals.



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