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Dr. Ali Oguz Er
Dr. Ali Oguz Er
- Associate Professor
  • Princeton University, Chemistry, Postdoctoral Scholar, 2014
  • University of California, Irvine, Chemistry, Postdoctoral Scholar 2013
  • Old Dominion University, Physics, PhD, 2011
  • Ortadogu Teknik Universitesi, Physics, BS, 2004
  • Photodeactivation of pathogenic bacteria and viruses in blood
  • Femtosecond Pulsed laser deposition
  • Time resolved pump probe experiments
  • Optical dynamic discrimination of fluorescent chromophores by using quantum control techniques utilizing laser pulse shaping
  • Low temperature nanoparticle growth
  • Laser surface modification using nonlinear optics and laser surface patterning
  • One of our goal is to develop an optical method for parallel monitoring of genetic circuit elements
Biographical Sketch

Dr Er joined WKU Physics department as an assistant professor in 2014. He received his B.S. in 2004 from ODTU, Ankara Turkey and his PhD in physics from Old Dominion University under supervision of Prof Dr Hani Elsayed-Ali. After completing his PhD in 2011, he moved to University of California Irvine Chemistry Department where worked as a postdoctoral scholar with Prof Dr Peter Rentzepis. After spending two years at UCI, he accepted another postdoctoral position at Princeton University Chemistry Department to work with Prof Dr Herschel Rabitz.

He has several awards and a patent for his PhD and postdoctoral studies. He has also been appointed as associate professor by Higher Education Institute of Turkey in 2014. His research background includes pulsed laser deposition of quantum dot growth, time resolved x-ray diffraction, nanoscale heat transport in thin films, photodeactivation of pathogenic bacteria and viruses in human blood, optical discrimination of fluorescent proteins by using quantum control techniques, and selective bond breaking of semiconductor surfaces. He has collaborated actively with researchers in several other disciplines of engineering, chemistry, biology, and material science.

Selected Publications
  1. Khomidkhodza Kholikov, Saidjafarzoda Ilhom, Omer San, Michael Smith, Jerry Monroe, Muhammad Sajjad, Ali Oguz Er, Improved singlet oxygen generation and antimicrobial activity of sulphur-doped graphene quantum dots for photodynamic therapy applications, Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy 24, 7-14 (2018)
  2. Ilhom Saidjafarzoda, Khomidkhodza Kholikov, Peizhen Li, Claire Ottman, Dylan Sanford, Zachary Thomas, Omer San, Haluk Karaca, Ali Oguz Er, Scalable patterning using laser-induced shock waves, Optical Engineering 57, 041413-5 (2018)
  3. Ilhom Saidjafarzoda, Peizhen Li, Dovletgeldi Seyitliyev, Khomidkhodza Kholikov, Zachary Thomas, Omer San, Haluk Karaca, Ali Oguz Er, Laser Shock Wave Assisted Patterning on NiTi Shape Memory Alloy Surfaces, Shape Memory and Superelasticity 1-8, (2018)
  4. Dovletgeldi Seyitliyev, Khomidkhodza Kholikov, Byron Grant, Omer San, Ali Oguz Er, “Laser induced hydrogen generation from and graphite and coal in water”, Int. J. Hydrogen Energy 42 26277-26288 (2017)
  5. Alexei Goun, Denys Bondar, Ali Oguz Er, Zachary Quine, Herschel Rabitz, Photonic reagents for concentration measurement of fluorescent proteins with overlapping spectra, Nature Scientific Reports 6, 25827; doi:10.1038/srep25827 (2016)
  6. Jie Chen, Thomas C. Cesario, Runze Li, Ali Oguz Er, and Peter M. Rentzepis, The low photo-inactivation rate of bacteria in human plasma II. Inhibition of methylene blue bleaching in plasma and effective bacterial destruction by the addition of dilute acetic acid to human plasma, Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences 11, 1-8 (2015)
  7. Ali Oguz Er, Jie Chen, Thomas Cesario, and Peter M. Rentzepis, Inactivation of Bacteria in Plasma, Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences 11, 1700-1704 (2012)
  8. Ali Oguz Er, Jie Chen, and Peter Rentzepis, Ultrafast Time Resolved X-ray Diffraction, EXAFS and XANES, Journal of Applied Physics 112, 031101-16 (2012) (Featured on Cover Page!!!!) (listed in Top 20 Most Read Articles in the year of 2012)
  9. Jie Chen, Ivan Tomov, Ali Oguz Er, Peter M. Rentzepis, X-ray Laser Resonator for the Kilo-Electron-Volt Range, Applied Physics Letters 102, 174101-3 (2013)
  10. Ali Oguz Er, Wei Ren, and Hani Elsayed-Ali, Low temperature epitaxial growth of Ge quantum dot on Si(100)-2x1 by femtosecond laser excitation, Applied Physics Letters 98, 013108-3 (2011) [selected for the February 2011 issue of Virtual Journal of Ultrafast Science]
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