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“When the Universe Was Young”

Sun 18 Feb - Thu 28 March

Explore why we believe we finally understand what the universe was like when it was young, and learn three tools we use to come to that conclusion.

Subjects: early universe; look-back time; spatial dimensions; electromagnetic spectrum; redshift



  • Free shows Tuesday & Thursday at 7:00 PM, and Sundays at 2:00 PM
  • No tickets, no prior reservations
  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes in advance.


Poster for the official show "Pink Floyd 'The Dark Side of the Moon:' 50 Years in a Heartbeat," the 50th anniversary of the album Pink Floyd 'The Dark Side of the Moon:'
50 Years in a Heartbeat

Hardin Planetarium presents "Pink Floyd 'The Dark Side of the Moon:' 50 Years in a Heartbeat" on Friday nights and several Saturday nights at 6:00 PM and 8:00.  The exact schedule is found when you begin the process of purchasing tickets.  Not the ordinary light show found in many planetariums, this is the OFFICIAL 50th anniversary show, available in only nine locations in the U.S. and it will disappear from all planetariums by April 2024.  Watch NASA missions from the past, present, and hopeful future set to the classic album that remained on the top 200 charts for 917 weeks (17 & 1/2 years).

The last chance to see the show is Saturday 30 March. We offer a 6:00 PM and an 11:00 PM "last chance" showing.  Local classic rock radio station WDNS D93 is offering free tickets and commemorative tee shirts to the right callers for the 8pm show that night.

Buy tickets - $15 each


icon representing a helping hand AVAILABLE SPECIAL EVENTS


Observatory Nights - @ Hardin Planetarium

Beginning early September, on the second Tuesday of each month at 8:00 PM central, guests may join us to explore the night sky in the observatory at Kelly Thompson Hall free of charge.  This will follow immediately after the Tuesday night planetarium show, and will depend on weather.
  • Tuesday 12 March
  • Tuesday 9 April
  • Tuesday 14 May


SOLAR ECLIPSE - @ Hardin Planetarium

On Monday 8 April from 12:30 PM to 3:30 Earth's Moon will block our view of the Sun. Join us on campus near the planetarium (front of Kelly Thompson Hall) for hands-on activities and basic crafts so you can safely watch the Sun any time you want. Bowling Green will not see a total eclipse, but instead 97% of an eclipse (still an A+). Maximum coverage occurs at 2:04 PM. In case of clous or rain, we will project a virtual eclipse in our dome (seats 140) and still have activities.


icon representing a school busWe regularly host school groups and any other group interested in a show. You can request such an event via the menu at the top of the page.



the Hardin Planetarium is shaped with a smooth dome on top, and is mounted on a column which curves outward as it reaches up to the main floor levelWKU's Hardin Planetarium has full dome of 40 feet, with a 360° surround view by way of a Digitalis Epsilon digital projector. All of this is done in a classic 1967 architectural icon of the WKU campus. We custom design most of our own shows for public education, and all either are or include live interactive performances.




International Planetarium SocietyLive Interactive Planetarium SymposiumMuseum Alliance of NASAKY Dept. of Travel & Tourism



Public Parking:

Overhead parking map around the planetarium

1) Along State Street

2) Two spots in the lot between Ogden College Hall and Kelly Thompson Hall

3) College Hill Lot, up College Heights Blvd. on the right

4) Chestnut Street North Lot, at the corner of Chestnut and 14th Ave, two blocks from the Planetarium 


Bus Unloading:

» Download the bus unloading map (PDF)


Icon representing handicapped ParkingWheelchair Accessibility: A ramp from State St. provides access to the building's main floor. The below lots are only available on weekends or after 4:30 PM.

1) Two spots in a tiny lot behind the building, at the end of a driveway from State St. That lot is lower than the building, so it is an uphill climb.

2) Three spots in the lot between Ogden College Hall and Kelly Thompson Hall.

3) The large parking lots on top of College Heights Blvd. The path from there is down hill.



Mailing List:

Many of our guests prefer to be notified of our events. You can sign up below or at the planetarium.

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