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Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences

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The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences is designed for students interested in a health and human sciences career. This interdisciplinary degree draws from disciplines such as public health, psychology, biology, ethics and health care administration.

This degree is ideal for those who wish to pursue a broad-based degree in health science with the benefit of focusing in a specific area of Health and Human Services, as well as those who have earned an associate degree from a regionally accredited college or university in a health related field, and wish to continue their education

Students may select from three concentrations:

  1. Health Services Leadership & Management: The main focus of this concentration is home and community based services. Students will learn strategies that allow them to better serve those receiving support and medical care in their homes. Required classes focus on communication, finance, ethics, health informatics, leadership, and family relations. This concentration is available 100% online or on-campus.
  2. Health Sciences-Allied Health: This concentration is for graduates with an Associate of Applied Sciences in a health-related field. The remaining required courses to complete the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences can be completed 100% online or on-campus.
  3. Preparatory Health Sciences: This concentration is designed to prepare students for a postgraduate or professional degree in a health-related field. This option is not available online;
    however, several courses may be completed at a distance, allowing for increased flexibility.

The minimum requirements for acceptance are as follows:

  • Application and Fee
  • Official copy of Transcript(s) if applicable
  • ACT or SAT scores if applicable

When completing the WKU Domestic and International Undergraduate Application, under Planned Course of Study Section, Choose:

  • Category of Study >>> Bachelor's Degree
  • Planned Course of Study >>> Health Sciences
  • Primary Location >>> Web (online only)

Helpful Tips to Complete the Admission Application

Core Requirements (38-41 hours)

HMD 211 Human Nutrition (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer)
PSY/S 100 or PSY/S 220

Introduction to Psychology (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer)

Introduction to Lifespan Developmental Psychology (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer)

BIOL 113 or BIOL 120/121 or BIOL 131

General Biology (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer)

Biological Concepts: Cells, Metabolism, and Genetics (Winter and Summer)

Human Anatomy and Physiology (Summer)

CHEM 109

Chemistry for the Health Sciences (Fall, Spring, Summer)

AH 290 Medical Terminology (Fall, Winter, Spring)
PE 310 or PE 311 or PE 313

Kinesiology (Winter and Summer)

Exercise Physiology (Winter and Summer)

Motor Development (Spring and Summer)

PH 383 or SOCL 300

Biostatistics in the Health Sciences (Winter and Summer)

Using Statistics in Sociology (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) 

PH 384 Introduction to Epidemiology (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer)
PH 381 Community Health (Fall, Spring, Summer)
PH 447 or MGT 305

Human Values and the Health Sciences (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer)

Ethics and Critical Thinking (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer)

HCA 340 Health Care Organization and Management (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer)
HCA 446/447 or CIS 243 or CIS 321 

Heal Care Informatics (Fall)

Principles of MIS (Fall, Spring, Summer) 

Emerging Information Technologies (Winter)

HCA 441 or HIM 225 or MGT 200 

Legal Aspects/Health Care (Spring)

Legal Issues in Health Information Management (Fall and Spring)

Legal Environment of Business (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer)

Colonnade (39 Hours) or General Education Certification

In addition to the program specific courses previously listed, students without an A.A. or A.S from a regionally accredited school must complete 39 additional hours as part of the Colonnade Program (formerly General Education). However, students who transfer to WKU with an earned associate degree from a regionally accredited school are considered General Education Certified and are not required to complete Colonnade requirements.

Please note the following as you plan your program of study:

  • A bachelor’s degree requires a minimum of 120 credit hours. Students pursuing a Health Sciences major are required to select one of the following degree tracks:
    • Preparatory Health Sciences Concentration
    • Health and Social Welfare Concentration
    • Associate’s Degree in a health field (approved by the Health Sciences Advisor)
  • WKU’s Joint Undergraduate Masters Programs offer students an option to complete bachelor’s and master’s degrees in an accelerated timeframe. Students interested in a JUMP program should first meet with their advisor to determine what options are available. Find out more information about online JUMP programs.

Health Sciences

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