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Bachelor of Science in Business Management

B.S. in Business Management Business Administration Plus 2 Program

2+2 Program

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The Bachelor of Science in Management with a track in Business Administration provides a broad business perspective for students who eventually wish to be involved in profit or goal management responsibilities.

The Plus 2 in Business Administration option has been specifically designed for Kentucky Community & Technical College (KCTCS) transfer students who wish to build upon their Associate Degree.

Students with similar academic preparation may participate upon approval of the Department of Management.

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The program is offered completely online, and taught by the same professors who teach courses on campus.

Finish your degree, your way – Take a full-time or part-time course load.

Program Accreditation

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The Plus 2 in Business Administration is taught through the Gordon Ford College of Business which is a top business school with dual AACSB accreditation in both business and accounting programs.

Starting your Plus 2 Business program can be completed by following the steps below:

  • Get admitted to Western Kentucky University. You can apply here.
  • Send your official transcripts from each college attended: You may request electronic transcripts through the National Student Clearinghouse. This speeds up the admissions process considerably. If your school is not listed with the Clearinghouse, please contact them directly to see if they have another process in place for electronic submissions or request that an official copy be sent by mail. Transfer students with fewer than 24 semester hours of college credit earned, must also submit high school transcript and ACT or SAT scores.

To Apply to WKU and the Plus 2 in Business Administration:

Complete the WKU Domestic and International Undergraduate Application

Under Planned Course of Study Section, Choose:

  1. Category of Study >>> Bachelor's Degree
  2. Planned Course of Study >>> Management – Seeking Admission
  3. Concentration >>> Business Administration
  4. Primary Location >>> Online

Once you have been admitted to the University, we can determine if any general education core or pre-admission courses remain for you to take.

If there are courses needed, your advisor will work with you to map out a plan to complete your pre-admission requirements and/or General Education requirements in preparation for entering the online program.

Admission Requirements for Undergraduate Programs

Students pursuing a major within the Gordon Ford College of Business must earn a minimum of 60 credit hours with an overall grade point average (GPA) of 2.50. In addition, they must complete the admission courses listed below with a separate GPA of 2.50..

Below are the required courses for admission. The KCTCS course equivalents are listed for easy reference.

For students outside of KCTCS, you can view our extensive transfer articulation.

WKU Course
ACCT 200 ACC 201
ACCT 201 ACC 202
CIS 141 CIS 100, CIS 130, CIT 105 or OST 105
COMM 161/ COMM 145 COMM 181
ECON 202 ECO 201
ECON 203 ECO 202
ECON 206 STA 291 or STA 220
MATH 116 or 123 MA 109, MT 150 or MAT 150
MGT 210 (C or Higher) BA 283, BAS 283 or MGT 283

Bachelor of Science in Management, Business Administration Track

CIS 243 Management Information Systems
FIN 330 Principles of Financial Management
MGT 311 Human Resource Management
MGT 313 Decision Modeling
MGT 314 Operations Management
MGT 305 Critical Thinking in Management
MGT 361/ENG 306 Business Communication Fundamentals
MGT 417 Organizational Behavior
MGT 498 Strategy and Policy
ECON 414 Managerial Economics
MGT 499 Senior Assessment-MGT

*The professional elective may be chosen from any 300 or 400 level course within the Gordon Ford College of Business not already required for the major.

**The management elective may be chosen from any 300 or 400 level course within the Management Department not already required for the major.

***The marketing elective may be chosen from any 300 or 400 level course beyond MKT 220.

****The finance elective may be chosen from any 300 or 400 level course beyond FIN 330.

*****Replaced ACCT 315

Total Credit Hours must be (minimum) 120 to earn a bachelor’s degree with 42 hours of Upper Division Coursework (300 & 400 level).

MGT 311 - Human Resource Management
Course Description Hours

Prerequisite: Completion of MGT 210, AMS 430 or COMM 362.

An introduction to major human resource management functions, including personnel selection; recruitment; training and development; performance appraisal; compensation; health and safety; labor-management relations; and employment law.

MGT 305 - Critical Thinking in Management
Course Description Hours

Prerequisites: MGT 200 and Junior standing.

This course is designed to develop skills needed for analyzing a problem or situation to arrive at a hypothesis or conclusion about it after synthesizing or integrating all available information. In critical thinking, all assumptions are open to question, divergent views are sought, and the investigation is not biased in favor of a particular solution.

MGT 314 - Operations Management
Course Description Hours

Prerequisite: ECON 206 or equivalent and Junior standing.

The management of the direct resources required to produce goods and services. Operations objectives are cascaded through the organization and are translated into measurable terms that become part of the operating goals for production-related departments and their managers.

ENT 312 - Entrepreneurship
Course Description Hours

Prerequisite: Junior standing

A study of the entrepreneurial process. Topics include new business opportunities, market entry, access to resources, start up steps, acquisition, franchising, and careers. Text, cases and hands-on business projects are used.

CIS 243 - Principles of MIS
Course Description Hours

Prerequisite: CIS 141 OR CSCI 145C

The basis of information systems and how they fit into a decision making environment. An introduction to systems analysis in relation to managing information systems. Strategic uses of information technology throughout the business enterprise. Course Fee

MGT 361 - Business Communication Fundamentals
Course Description Hours

Emphasis on communication fundamentals essential for business. Electronic communications in the business environment, research tools for business, reports, presentations, resumes and correspondences.

FIN 330 - Principles of Finance
Course Description Hours

Prerequisites: ACCT 200, MATH 116, and ECON 202 or ECON 203.

Covers basic concepts and techniques in corporate finance and investments. Topics include asset valuation, time value of money, capital budgeting, financial statements and international finance.

MGT 313 - Decision Modeling
Course Description Hours

Prerequisites: ECON 206, CIS 243.

This course deals with modeling problems that are similar to those faced by business managers. The problem is viewed as the focal point of analysis, and appropriate decision modeling tools are applied to obtain a solution. (Course Fee)

ECON 414 - Managerial Economics
Course Description Hours

Prerequisites: ECON 202, 203, and 206.

The application of economic principles and tools of analysis to business management decision making in areas of demand, pricing, cost, production and investment. Problems in business decision making are treated in terms of short-run adjustment as well as long-run expansion.

MGT 498 - Strategy & Policy
Course Description Hours

Prerequisites: Senior standing and ACCT 201, CIS 243, FIN 330, MGT 210, MGT 314, MKT 220.

The development and application of contemporary competitive strategies at mid and upper managerial levels. Capstone course uses cases and/or simulation to integrate materials from prerequisite courses. Course Fee

MGT 417 - Organizational Behavior
Course Description Hours

Prerequisite: MGT 210.

An advanced course designed to develop an understanding of managing behavior in organizations.

MGT 499 - Senior Assessment
Course Description Hours

Prerequisites: Senior standing

Special Information: The course may be taught on a bi-term basis. The course will be graded on a pass/fail basis and will be required of all Management majors in their last semester. Preparation for and administration of the senior assessment exam. Discussion of educational and career opportunities beyond the baccalaureate degree. (Grading: Pass/Fail)



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