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Traveling Trunks

Reservation Request Form

The Kentucky Museum Traveling Trunks are very popular with teachers and travel many miles each year. When you borrow a trunk please keep in mind that often times it is already scheduled to go out again as soon as it is returned to us. You return the trunk, we inventory it and out it goes to the next educator. For this free service to work you must keep to the agreed upon schedule.

  • No fees for using a Traveling Trunk
  • Reservation is limited to two weeks
  • Trunk pick up and return at the Kentucky Museum
  • Museum hours  WEDNESDAY through SATURDAY 9 AM- 4 PM
  • Please do not request the use of a trunk unless you are positive that you can return the trunk on the agreed upon day. Failure to do so will revoke future loan privilege. 
  • Complete and submit

    Ex. Bowling Green Independent Schools, or Warren County Schools

    Ex. Fourth grade or 4th and 5th grade

    Ex. How many students do you estimate will see or interact with this trunk?

    Please Select Trunk

    Picked Up WED-SAT 9AM-4PM During Museum Open Hours. Trunks may be kept for two weeks.

    Returned WED-SAT 9AM-4PM During Museum Open Hours. Trunks may be kept for two weeks.


Please visit our short Traveling Trunk Video.

Traveling Trunks are listed under Local, State, National, and World headings then a description of each trunk with a content list is below.


  • Bosnians in Kentucky
  • Bowling Green and Warren County
  • Historic Toy Trunk

  • Frontier Experience
  • Historic Native Americans in Kentucky
  • Kentucky Regions and Symbols
  • Lets Talk Folk Art
  • Prehistoric Kentucky
  • Quilting
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • African American History
  • American Civil War
  • Colonial America Revolutionary War
  • African Art and Culture
  • Bosnians in Kentucky
  • Chinese Culture
  • Looking at Japanese Culture
  • World Holidays



Funded in part by the Kentucky Humanities Council and the National Endowment for the Humanities. This traveling trunk contains a variety of resources to help educators explore one of the most fascinating figures in American history. This trunk contains information abut Lincoln's life and legacy including: formative years, presidency and Civil War, assassination, primary sources and much more. In addition to books, work sheets, music and Power Points, the kit contains clothing representative of both Lincoln's boyhood and of his presidency. The trunk is designed primarily for use with second through fifth grade.   Trunk Contents

This teacher's kit was developed to assist educators in enriching their African American history curriculum. The trunk contains information on the influence of African music and food on Kentucky and American culture. It also includes CDs of music and stories. There are several Power Points: African Americans in the Civil War: A Timeline, Segregation, Life of Dr. King, and Faces of the Civil Rights: 1955-1969. The kit also contains a “Slave Bag,” a VHS about slavery, several Carole Marsh workbooks with activities, and posters to hang in the classroom. Trunk is designed primarily for third through sixth grade use.

Trunk Contents

Teach your students about the fascinating subject of African Art with the help of this Traveling Trunk. For teachers, there are lesson plans over African Art, Culture, Traditions, and way of life. For kids, there are plenty of hands-on artifacts such as masks, carved animals, baskets, musical instruments, and lots of fun books. A Power Point about African Art is also included as well as several helpful website links.

Trunk Contents

This trunk is an excellent resource to enrich Civil War study. Issues addressed by the trunk include political tension, slavery, the process of secession, medical care, and women and the war. In addition to the educator's guide, the trunk includes a variety of books, reproduction documents, multimedia, typical soldier items, costumes pieces and much more.

Trunk Contents

This trunk was designed by students in Dr. Tim Evans' Folklore & Education class for use with grades K-6. The trunk features an extensive lesson plan with numerous activities and handouts, connections to Kentucky state standards in Social Studies, Geography, Arts/Media Arts, Music Science, Mathematics, and Practical Living. It includes units on Bosnian history, the refugee experience, home and family life (including food traditions, herbs and embroidery), and recreation (including soccer, music and dance). The trunk includes a variety of resources including books, maps, music CDs, clips from interviews with members of the Bowling Green Bosnian community, a small Cura Saz (Bosnian lute), a Bosnian coffee set, a Bosnian soccer jersey, dance shoes, flags, and a large collection of art by refugee children. This trunk was funded by the following: WKU International Year of Program, WKU Department of Folk Studies and Anthropology and WKU Potter College.

Trunk Contents

Learn about the local government, history, and geography of Bowling Green and Warren County. This contextual resource kit contains Power Points on government and history of the city and county. There are a variety of objects that represent the city and county. There are two lesson plans/activities—a photograph study and a geography lesson. There is a very large map of Warren County for display as well as a timeline of major events. Thirty copies of the fictionalized “Diary of Johnny Underwood” provide insights into a 19th century childhood. The trunk is designed primarily for first through third grade use. Download and print the BG and Warren County TIMELINE HERE

Trunk Contents

 This trunk was developed to enrich instruction of Chinese culture in the classroom. You can learn about the Peking Opera by listening to the music and viewing two opera mask, try your hand at calligraphy and learn about the real Mulan. There are informational DVDS on all of the major Chinese holidays. The trunk contains a diverse variety of DVDS, books, toys, games, calligraphy materials, musical instruments and much more.

Trunk Contents

This trunk covers the development of the American Colonies, the conflict with England, highlights of the revolution, the birth of a nation and a growing America. Included in the trunk are a variety of books, everyday items of the period, historical toys, documents, flags, costumes and many other items which will enrich classroom study.

Trunk Contents

This trunk introduces life on the frontier to children. With plenty of hands-on activities and visual aids, this trunk is a fantastic supplement to a lesson about the frontier. Not only will children learn about how people lived and the tools they used to do so, but several toys that they played with in the 19th century are included with the trunk. An informative handbook accompanies the trunk with worksheets and activities for teachers to use as additional resources.

Trunk Contents

Cherokee, Chickasaw, and Shawnee

This teacher's kit was developed to assist educators in enriching their Kentucky history curriculum. The guides and activities are designed for 4th and 5th graders, but can be used for 3rd through 6th grade. The trunk includes information about clothing, food, shelter, material culture, and famous leaders from each of the three tribes. Posters, maps, information sheets, “artifacts,” art projects, and folk tales are available in order for students to better understand the culture of the Cherokee, Chickasaw, and Shawnee Indians. While these three Native groups did have similarities, each tribe has a narrative of its own that contributed to the creation, expansion, and history of Kentucky.

Trunk Contents

Historical Toy Trunk

This traveling trunk is aimed towards students of all ages and focuses on toys of the past. Special emphasis is given to Native American Games, Pioneer & Folk Toys, and Victorian Era toys. Students can learn about and play with toys that have existed through the ages so that they can compare historical toys with toys of today. Some of the toys included are: Snake and Indian Stick game, Buzz Saws, Jacob’s Ladders, Jacks, tin toys, T-puzzles, and Pyramid Puzzles.

Trunk Contents

This kit of 31 items is designed to assist 4th and 5th grade teachers and students in the exploration of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The kit and accompanying teacher’s manual contains sections on Kentucky’s symbols, famous citizens, geography and government. Items in the kit include CDS, a bag of coal, work sheets, KY timeliness, KY Carol Marsh books, videos, a dulcimer and much more.

Trunk Contents

This trunk helps educators explain the importance of Folk Art in our culture. With books on American Folk Art and crafts for the classroom, children will love this hands-on traveling trunk. With more than 20 artifacts from modern America as well as from the Shakers, this trunk covers a lot of different aspects of Folk Art. Lesson plans for grades K-5 are included as well as useful links and information.

Trunk Contents

This trunk includes examples of traditional Japanese clothing, utensils, and toys, as well as objects illustrating the Japanese numeral and writing systems. The teaching packet contains information on the objects, a few of which include two complete kimono and accessories for a man and a woman, a Japanese abacus, and a traditional windsock that is flown on Children's Day in Japan.

Trunk Contents

This teacher's kit was developed to assist educators in creating a curriculum about prehistory Kentucky. The guides and activities are geared towards 4th and 5th graders, but can be used for up to 8th grade.

Topics include: archeology, Kentucky Native Americans, prehistoric animals known as megafauna, identifying projectile points, a video about Flint knapping (making stone tools). The kit contains actual artifacts and "arrow heads," photos, vocabulary lists, crossword puzzles, quizzes, and ideas for discussion based on the information and three activities.There is also "A Native Presence," a guide published by the Kentucky Native American Heritage Commission that contains four lesson plans.

Trunk Contents

This teaching kit includes a cross curriculum, core content aligned comprehensive teacher's guide. Numerous activities for elementary, middle and high school applicable to science, math, practical living, social studies, reading and writing are included. The kit also contains several outstanding examples of quilt making at its finest, along with a variety of other manipulatives students will enjoy. African-American influence on quilting, quilts as political statements, polygon quilt game, get-to-know you class paper quilt, are just a few of the many topics and activities your students can explore.

Trunk Contents

The World Holidays Traveling Trunk gives students the opportunity to experience and participate in a variety of holiday traditions. Covering Ramadan, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas in Mexico, this trunk includes traditional materials, activities, craft ideas, and lesson plans to go with the winter season. It is designed for elementary students grades 1-3, but can be adapted for any age.

Trunk Contents



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