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Gatton Academy Student Activities

The following clubs and activities are for Gatton Academy students only. 
If you are looking for Clubs and Organizations at WKU, please visit WKU's Student Activities page.

Gatton Academy students are involved in variety of extracurricular activities that encompass our students' unique passions. The following is a list of current clubs that are sponsored/offered at The Gatton Academy during the 2022-2023 academic year.

Community Leaders

The following community leader groups meet regularly and are sponsored by different staff members.

Academy Avatars

This group of community leaders assist the Assistant Director of Admissions and Public Relations with recruitment events (like Preview Day), The Gatton Academy's blog site, and visits from school groups. 

Community Developers

This group of community leaders assist their residential counselors with on-wing activities and general community building. 


Staff Sponsored Clubs

The following clubs meet regularly and are sponsored by different staff members.

Anime Club

Do you appreciate animation? Do you enjoy listening to shows or movies in the background while you do homework or hang out? All interest levels are welcome at the Gatton Anime Club, whether you want to broaden your anime horizons or you just want to chill with friends.


Biology Club

Learn interesting concepts about the science of life. Study topics including genetics, molecular biology, evolution, and ecology. Optionally, prepare for the USA Biology Olympiad, and test your knowledge with practice problems.


Chess Club                                                                 

This club will spread awareness of chess to a wider audience by educating and engaging their minds. Learn strategy, forward thinking, and decision-making.


Climbing Automatons (Gatton Climbing)                             

Learn all about what it means to be a rock-climber. Enhance your climbing technique and compete with other Gatton students in friendly competition.


Gatton Academy Medical Association (GAMA)

The Gatton Academy Medical Association helps foster an understanding of the medical and allied medical fields through speaking engagements with professionals and medical students, public health department visitations, and shadowing (if COVID allows.)


International Club                                          

Explore foreign culture and study different beliefs and cultures. Learn about various countries from all around the world. Engage with their language, history, and food!


Math Club

Preparation and competing in the AMC 12 and ARML. Encouraging teamwork and developing problem solving skills in mathematics. All skill levels are welcome!


Mind Over Matter (MOM) Club

Mind Over Matter (MOM) focuses on mental health and relaxing activities. While MOM club does not replace actual therapy, it provides a space to talk to peers about Gatton stressors. 


Playreading Club

Have a passion for theater? This club offers weekly reading sessions and conversation about modern and classical plays. 


Project Unite

Gatton is full of unique identities. Project Unite celebrates these through examining cultural history, personal experiences, and the practices that bring us together. Awareness of others creates better scientists, leaders, and citizens.


Science Bowl

Preparing and competing in the Department of Energy National Science Bowl. Areas include Biology, Earth and Space, Math, Chemistry, Energy, and Physics. Fostering teamwork through a quick recall based competition.


Student Y                                                       

Be a part of conferences like KYA and KUNA and get the opportunity to practice public speaking, friendly debate, and people skills. Get the chance to learn more about the American Government structure and procedure.


Women in STEM (WiSTEM)

Seeing successful women is extremely beneficial to girls who often don’t see themselves represented. Forming a relationship with a mentor helps girls envision their future and set goals. Talks from female STEM role models will show the possibilities of careers, paths, and interests. 


Student Organizations for 2022-2023 Academic Year

The following clubs are student-led and meet on a semi-regular basis.

Bible Study

We will be looking at the Bible, analyzing important aspects described within the Bible.


Chemistry Club

Chemistry Club is a club to get an in-depth understanding of chemistry. Students will learn key concepts and prepare themselves to succeed in the United States National Chemistry Olympiad (USNCO). 2 students last year made it to Nationals, and we are certain more will make it this year!


Computer Science Club

CS Club is a place for programmers of all levels to come and engage with code. Along with competitive programming, we also teach new CS concepts, collaborate on group projects, and provide CS tutoring. So if you are an avid programmer or even remotely interested come by and see what we are all about.



Learn more about the practice and studies of ecology/biology/sustainability! Weekly meetings are held to learn more about the natural world. At the end of the year, we compete with other counties over the things you’ve learned.


The (Fifteenth) Green

The Green will provide a creative outlet for Gatton students. It will give a platform for students to show their art, writings, etc.


Film Club

Film Club shows and discusses movies weekly. Films chosen are of cultural, artistic, or societal significance. Discussions center around the themes, cinematography, and writing of the films.


Gender-Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

A safe space for LGBTQ+ students, and a club where anyone can come and learn about LGBTQ+ topics. Topics could include different identities, histories, political/social issues, and more.



GirlUp is a club in which we discuss the world’s issues that surround women. We also go over protocols about what to do in different situations and how to protect other women.


Mock Congress

Students converge and analyze different perspectives while representing fake member states of a nation. States compromise and come up with solutions to certains problems facing the fake nation. The club encourages intellectual arguments through speech and debate.


Party Club

Party Club is Gatton’s central location for political discussion and debate. The club has 2 components: current events and debate. For the first half of the club meetings, members will discuss various current events. For the second half, students will divide into left, right, and center caucuses to debate the week’s topic.


Philosophy Club

In the philosophy club, we hold presentations and discussions on important philosophical concepts, such as the morality of artificial intelligence, the meaning of love, and if you would eat a brownie with poop in it.


Playwriting Festival                                       

This club will create a student-run playwriting festival at Gatton. Students will write, direct, and act in the festival. Get your chance to explore your passion for theatre here.


S.A.S.S.Y. (South Asian Secondary School Youth)                                                 

Creating a space for South Asian Youth at Gatton to express and embrace their culture while sharing it with the Gatton community.


Story Club

Whether sharing one of your favorite books or reading someone else’s, come join us as we highlight different authors each month and discuss stories in a relaxed environment.


Sunrise Movement

The Sunrise Movement is a youth movement to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the probes. The Gatton Chapter is a part of the Bowling Green Hub that focuses on spreading the movement’s messages within our community.


T-Paint Club

This club offers weekly themed sessions to chill, relax, socialize, and paint with friends! 


Wellness Club

Wellness Club is a place for people to learn how to balance school, eating, and physical fitness.



WKU Organizations

In addition to Academy organizations, students are able to participate in WKU student organizations excluding NCAA athletics and fraternities/sororities. To find out more information regarding Clubs and Organizations at WKU, please visit WKU's Student Activities page.


Intramural Sports

Our students have participated in, or are planning to participate in, the following intramural sports on WKU's campus.

  • Flag Football
  • Men's Basketball
  • Co-Ed Basketball
  • Men's Soccer
  • Softball
  • Ultimate Frisbee


Activities/Clubs Questions?

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