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Gatton Academy Student Activities

The following clubs and activities are for Gatton Academy students only. 
If you are looking for Clubs and Organizations at WKU, please visit WKU's Student Activities page.

Gatton Academy students are involved in variety of extracurricular activities that encompass our students' unique passions. The following is a list of current clubs that are sponsored/offered at The Gatton Academy during the 2018-2019 academic year.

Community Leaders

The following community leader groups meet regularly and are sponsored by different staff members.

Academy Avatars

This group of community leaders assist the Assistant Director of Admissions and Public Relations with recruitment events (like Preview Day), The Gatton Academy's blog site, and visits from school groups. 

Community Developers

This group of community leaders assist their residential counselors with on-wing activities and general community building. 

Student Activities Committee

This group of community leaders assists Beth Hawke and Danetra Hodge in the planning of events for The Gatton Academy.  Events plan range from dances to excursions and prom. 


Staff Sponsored Clubs

The following clubs meet regularly and are sponsored by different staff members.


Envirothon is a national competition in the field of Environmental and Earth Sciences. Members practice and study throughout the year in preparation for the spring competitions.  This club is co-sponsored by the Warren County Conservation District. 

Gatton Student Y Chapter

The Gatton Student Y meets to prepare for two state conferences: Kentucky Youth Association (KYA) and Kentucky United Nations Assembly (KUNA). KYA is a 3-day experiential learning program in which students serve as part of a model state government. KUNA is a 3-day experiential learning conference in which students participate directly in simulated international diplomacy. Each semester, the club prepare proposals and service projects for the conferences. 

Gatton Academy Leaders in Education (GALE)

The mission of G.A.L.E. is to academically and socially enrich the lives of elementary-aged children through after-school tutoring and fun educational activities. Each member will be responsible for creating an activity for one afternoon during the semester or academic year. 

Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)

To educate, create awareness and validate the LGBTO and at-large community of The Gatton Academy

Robotics Club

The Robotics club is intended to support students in pursuing hands on experience with technology, explore engineering, and compete with our Robotics teams.  

Science Bowl

The Gatton Academy Science Bowl teams practice weekly for competitions held regionally and nationally. The Science Bowl team fosters teamwork and build relationships as well as enhance the students' depth of scientific knowledge.  

Study Buddies

Study Buddies is a club at Gatton where one volunteers at the Buddy House, a non-profit organization with the purpose of enhancing the quality of life for children and adults with down syndrome. This club visit the Buddy House weekly and members build relationships with individuals at the Buddy House by participating in an hour of reading or math tutoring and/or arts and crafts activities. 

Venture Club

Venture club is an interest group that organizes outdoor activities such as hiking, canoeing, and caving. The primary purpose is to enjoy the outdoor environment and complete service projects a local and national parks, such as Lost River Cave and Mammouth Cave National Park. 


Create The Gatton Academy's 2018-2019 Yearbook.  


Student Organizations for 2017-2018 Academic Year

The following clubs are student-led and meet on a semi-regular basis.

Anime Club

Increase Awareness and cultural appreciation for foreign cultures through the entertainment art form that is anime.

ACT Tutoring Club

Help tutor local teens in the English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science Portions of the ACT. Through this tutoring students practice teaching skills to others as well as make connections with local teens.

Croquet + Bocce Ball Club

The goal of this club is to create a competitive, but fun way for student to relax and spend time outdoors.

Cryptocurrency Club

This club help students understand how cryptocurrencies has become the global currency for many nations. In this club students discuss values of various cryptocurrencies and their future success or failures.

Film Club

The mission of film club is to provide students with a broad understanding of cinematic style and technique. Club members explore the significance of film as a medium of communication and as an art form. Films shown include international cinemas as well as mainstream commercial productions. Members develop and strengthen their analytical skills that become useful in everyday settings.

GAMA (Gatton Academy Medical Association)

Allow students interested in medical pathways to discuss and pursue opportunities in medicine in addition to learning about different medical specialties and careers.

Gatton Coding Club

The mission of the Gatton Coding Club is to help educate students on computer programming lessons that may not be taught in a traditional classroom. This club also aims to provide tutoring and study sessions as well as help the local community via their collective coding abilities.

Math Club

To help students understand and appreciate math with other like-minded individuals at Gatton.

Running Club

Running club promotes health and wellness through running in a group setting.

Sierpinski Performing Arts Club (SPAC)

To entertain members and nonmembers alike with performance art within the Gatton community and local Bowling Green Area at nursing homes and similar institutions. 

Space Club

The mission of the Gatton Academy Space Club is foremost to raise awareness and enthusiasm in Astronomy and Aerospace industry. As a service to the Gatton Academy students, the club serves as a means for astronomers to coordinate and plan observations, as well as organize rocket launch events throughout the year. 

Stock Market Club

Teaches its members basic financial systems. Members will be able to evaluate various assets and manage money in an effective manner as well as the role of finance in society. 

Story Club

Story Club encourages and provides an outlet for reading and thoughtful discussion for members of the Gatton community. Members read short stories or excerpts from novels and discuss at club meetings, much like a book club.

Tennis Club

To allow people an easy way to play tennis with other Gatton students and an athletic outlet to teaches a healthy way to relieve stress and paly competitively with friends.


WKU Organizations

In addition to Academy organizations, students are able to participate in WKU student organizations excluding NCAA athletics and fraternities/sororities. To find out more information regarding Clubs and Organizations at WKU, please visit WKU's Student Activities page.


Intramural Sports

Our students have participated in, or are planning to participate in, the following intramural sports on WKU's campus.

  • Flag Football
  • Men's Basketball
  • Co-Ed Basketball
  • Men's Soccer
  • Softball
  • Ultimate Frisbee


Activities/Clubs Questions?

DanetraDanetra Hodge
Student Activities Coordinator


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