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Sierpinski's Square

Sierpinski’s Square

An online humanities journal for Gatton Academy students.

The latest edition of Sierpinski's Square can now be found online at http://digitalcommons.wku.edu/siersquare/

About The Journal

Gatton Academy students excel in far more than STEM fields. Sierpinski’s Square was founded in the spring semester of 2015 by Gatton Academy students Courtney George (’15) and Hayden Justice (’16) to provide a forum for profound written analyses and creative works within the humanities. Sierpinski’s Square is a journal that parallels the town square -- a place where current Gatton Academy students can share ideas developed in their humanities classes or in their extracurricular pursuits.  In 2017, the journal found new life under an Editorial Board of twelve students, as it transitioned from web-based to an online, searchable-database format. 

Editions of 
Sierpinski's Square

Spring 2015, Volume I, Edition I

Spring 2017, Volume 2, Edition I

  • Spread a Little Love, Nikitha Rajendran
  • The Way of Thinks, Wren A. Jenkins
  • Cranes and Lamppost, Leah C. Nofsinger
  • An Arithmetic Expedition, Aaron T. Kirtland
  • Drawn to what Ails, and thus Ignited, Wren A. Jenkins
  • MASTERPLAN, Noemi Leibman
  • Dragon Mask, Leah C. Nofsinger
  • It's Cloudy Today, Natalie B. Ngong
  • Back to Chicago, Wren A. Jenkins
  • Heroes vs. Villains, Evan A. Poole
  • Sunset over decaying city, Leah C. Nofsinger

Spring 2018, Volume 3, Edition I

  • Rake the springtime across my sheets, Ivy N. Irihamye
  • News from Nature, Ivy N. Irihamye
  • Us, Ivy N. Irihamye
  • Vacation Days - What I Did This Summer, Wren A. Jenkins
  • To a Proposition Most Despised- A Response to Andrew Marvell's "To His Coy Mistress," Wren A. Jenkins
  • An Environmentalist view of Kentucky and its Natural "Suitors" by Literary Analysis, Samuel C. Kessler
  • Unfound, Samuel C. Kessler
  • Directed by M. Night Shyamalan, Noemi Leibman
  • Tragedy on Drury Lane, Natalie B. Ngong
  • Crucible, Evan A. Poole

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