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Curriculum Requirements for Graduation

All students attending The Gatton Academy will be required to take the following classes at WKU during their two years at The Gatton Academy.  AP and other college credit will be used for placement purposes only.

Mathematics (3 Courses)

Students will be assigned their introductory math course based on prior coursework and placement exam scores administered by the WKU Math Department.

Students must complete Math 137 and all prerequisite courses. Coursework in Mathematics beyond Calculus II is optional and is counted toward STEM electives.

  • Math 117 Trigonometry (3 Hours)

  • Math 136 Calculus I (4 Hours)

  • Math 137 Calculus II (4 Hours)

Core Sciences (5 Courses)

Students must complete a minimum of one course from each core science area and at least one two-course introductory sequence.

  • Biology 120/121 Biological Concepts: Cells, Metabolism, and Genetics/Lab (4 Hours)

  • Biology 122/123 Biological Concepts: Evolutions, Diversity, Ecology/Lab (4 Hours)

  • Chemistry 120/121 College Chemistry I/Lab (5 Hours)

  • Chemistry 222/223 College Chemistry II/Lab (5 Hours)

  • Computer Science 180 Computer Science I/Lab (4 Hours)

  • Computer Science 290 Computer Science II (3 Hours)

  • Physics 255/256 University Physics I/Lab (5 Hours)

  • Physics 265/266 University Physics II/Lab (5 Hours)

Engineering (1 Course)

  • SEAS 368 Problem Solving (3 Hours)

STEM Electives (3-4 Courses)

Students may complete their required STEM electives and associated labs in a variety of departments in each college on WKU's campus.  For a full list of classes approved to be STEM Electives, please visit www.wku.edu/academy/academics/curriculum/stem_electives.php

English (2 Courses)

Students who score a 29 on the English portion of the ACT or a 670 on the critical reading portion of the SAT receive three hours of credit for English 100 and begin with English 200.

  • English 100 Introduction to College Writing (3 Hours)

  • English 200 Introduction to Literature (3 Hours)

  • English 300 Writing in the Disciplines (3 Hours)

Seminar (3 Courses)

  • Academy of Math and Science 175 Seminar 1 (1 Hour)

  • Academy of Math and Science 175 Seminar 2 (1 Hour)

  • Academy of Math and Science 175 Seminar 3 (1 Hour)

Pre-College Requirements (As Needed)

Students will complete additional pre-college requirements as mandated by the Commonwealth of Kentucky and their sending institutions based on previous coursework in their freshman and sophomore years.  Previous coursework in English, social sciences, humanities, foreign language, and physical education are credited toward graduation requirements.  Courses noted below should be taken only in the case of the absence of previous study during students' freshman and sophomore year.

  • History 101 World History I (3 Hours)

  • History 102 World History II (3 Hours)

  • History 241 United States History Since 1865 (3 Hours)

  • Political Science 110 American National Government (3 Hours)

  • Physical Education 100 Health and Wellness (3 Hours)

  • Art 100 Art Appreciation (3 Hours)

  • Music 120 Music Appreciation (3 Hours)

  • Foreign Languages (Chinese, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish have been offered in recent semesters at WKU)


After the first semester, Gatton Academy students in good standing are able to take up to 19 credit hours, including optional electives. 

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