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Gatton Academy College Visit Absence Form

This form is for Gatton Academy students only.

All college-related visits should be planned during weekends, summers, university holidays, and university breaks whenever possible. 

Sometimes obligatory college tours, interviews, scholar days, or orientation days will inevitably fall on days when classes meet.  If such visits will result in absence from any class, Gatton Academy students must have their absences approved in advance by April Gaskey, Coordinator, Student Success.

At least one week before missing class/es, please fill out the web form below.   A letter will be generated in The Gatton Academy’s office.  You will be notified by e-mail when your letter is ready to pick up.  You will then pick up and present your letter to all professors in advance of missing their class.  

All students should work ahead to make-up any missed assignments, quizzes, exams, etc.  before the absence from class occurs.  Students with excessive absences may not be approved to miss additional classes.  Academic standing will be considered before approval.  Approved absences within this policy do not accumulate in the Gatton Academy Classroom Intervention Program.

Do you need a letter provided to verify your absence for your professor?

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 Last Modified 5/19/23