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Accommodations and Auxiliary Aids

The Student Accessibility Resource Center (SARC) is pleased to offer numerous services to our registered students. Below is an alphabetical listing of our most common services and other services on campus which students can use to introduce themselves to our services. Please contact us if you are interested in a service that is not listed or you are interested in more information about the described services.

The SARC encourages students to try and resolve any disability-related access problems directly with their instructor. We are here to help guide students through the communication between themselves and an instructor should an issue arise. 

The SARC offers a variety of software and technological devices to enhance your learning experience at WKU. These include but are not limited to JAWS, Read&Write, Dragon Naturally Speaking, Talking Calculators, Intellikeys Adaptive Keyboard, Orbit Trackball Mouse, and Zoom Text Screen Magnifier.

All students are encouraged to download Read&Write, which is free on the WKU IT website. Click here for more information about Assistive Technology.

Students can bring in textbooks and their receipts and the SARC will work to provide a digital format. The SARC will provide the digital copies of books on a CD. Students are welcome to bring a USB, and we will gladly put in on the USB. The materials can then be used in conjunction with programs such as Read&Write or other screen reading software. Click here for more information about Read&Write.

Some publishers require you purchase the e-book/e-text available. In other words, some publishers that have e-texts/e-books available will not provide a digital format if you purchase a hard copy of the text. If you have any questions about this, contact the SARC.

Students would need to request their materials before the beginning of each semester to ensure a timely presentation of those books. The SARC may have to provide some of your basic information to third-party providers in order to retrieve a digital format of the material or textbook. 

The Alternative Text Request form requires due diligence. You will need to read the instructions thoroughly and provide ALL the information you can about the materials you wish to have converted into an alternative text format. Click here to complete the Alternative Text Request form.

If you have any complications completing this form, you can stop in our office and we will gladly assist you. You will need to bring your texts or the information for the text (including ISBN, title, author, year or edition, and publisher) along with proof of purchase. If you have any questions or concerns, you can call 270-745-5004 during business hours or send an email to sarc.connect@wku.edu

Captioning sometimes referred to as “speech-to-text”, provides a critical link to communicating aural information as it is happening for individuals who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. Streaming text is displayed live in real time on a laptop screen, iPad, or other visual system operated by a Captionist who is either in the room sitting next to the student or streaming remotely.

A student who has registered with the SARC and submitted appropriate documentation of a disability that may impact performance in a specific discipline may request an exception to a degree requirement (major, minor, or general education course). Exceptions based upon disabilities may be made by substituting a course for the requirement; however, the requirement shall not be waived based upon the disability. The appeal will be reviewed and resolved by the SARC Academic Appeals Committee.

Refer to the Student Academic Appeals Policy for Course Substitution for more information.

The SARC-registered students who have a note-taking accommodation on file may utilize recording devices, note-taker applications or request a classroom Note Taker. The student is responsible for working in partnership with Potential Classmates, Course Instructors, and the SARC to secure a classroom Note Taker. Please email sarc.notetaking@wku with any questions about the note-taker accommodation.

Refer to the Note-Taking Services Page for more information.

Students may qualify for early access to the TopNet course registration system for the purposes of creating class schedules. Priority registration is designed to assist students with disability-related needs in securing the necessary accommodations for equal access to academic courses and to provide the SARC staff time to arrange assistive technology, captioning, interpreting, note-taking, or other academic adaptations. Eligibility to receive priority registration is determined on a case-by-case basis. Students are required to submit the appropriate documentation that priority registration is a justifiable accommodation to ensure equal access.
Sign Language Interpreting allows individuals who use Sign Language as their primary mode of communication to have access to what is being spoken in aural settings. The Interpreter facilitates communication between the deaf student, instructors, peers, and/or participants. 

Testing accommodations, such as extended time, a quiet room, and use of the computer assisted technology lab, are provided for all registered SARC students. The SARC has strict guidelines that need to be followed in order to schedule exam accommodations.

Click here to access the Testing Procedures.

Captioned Telephones give access to individuals with varying degrees of hearing loss to communicate via a phone line. Captioned  & Volume-Amplified Telephones provide enhanced sound quality via adjustable, higher-than-average volume decibel levels and also offers Bluetooth compatibility for use with hearing aids. The display window captures and relays what is being communicated by the speaker on the other line in real time.

Video Phones give access for individuals whose primary mode of communication is sign language, to communicate via a phone line. Video Relay Interpreting allows individuals whose primary mode of communication is Sign Language to communicate via a phone line with a hearing person.

The SARC is a voter registration site. Voter Registration information and forms are available for persons with disabilities in the SARC, Downing Student Union, Room 1074.  Individuals with disabilities can receive assistance and accommodation to facilitate with the completion and transmittal of voter registration. Please contact the SARC if you need assistance or accommodation to register to vote.

Click hereOpen in New Window for voter registration in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. 

Click hereOpen in New Window to register to vote with the National Mail Voter Registration. The Election Assistance Commission (EAC) also provides information about voting, such as voter accessibility resources, voter guides and tips published in multiple languages, and a directory of representatives in each state responsible for voter registration. 


 Accessibility Issue? If there is an accessibility concern of any kind, please contact the SARC, as well as the corresponding department.
If a push button for a door or an elevator is not working, or other physical obstructions occur, contact the Department of Facilities Management at 270-745-3253.
For assistance after hours with physical access, contact the WKU Police Department at 270-745-2548.

If there are concerns with technology accessibility, contact IT at 270-745-7000 and/or the SARC.

For information about accessibility services in the libraries, please click here

Request an alternative format of any content on this site by contacting the SARC at 270-745-5004, or via email sarc.connect@wku.edu.


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