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Student Academic Appeals Policy for Course Substitution

The student who has registered with Student Accessibility Resource Center (SARC) and submitted appropriate documentation of a disability, one which impacts their performance in a specific discipline, may request an exception to a degree requirement in their major, minor or general education courses. In some limited circumstances, it may be appropriate for a substitution, not a waiver, of an academic requirement. The appeal will be reviewed by the SARC Academic Appeals Committee (the Committee).

Use the following procedure for Course Substitutions. Refer to the Student Academic Appeals Policy (PDF) for more information. Consult the WKU Policy 6:1030, Student Accessibility Resource Center: Course Substitution Request (PDF) for the full policy and procedure document. For a listing of Student Accessibility Resource Center's policies in the Division of Student Affairs, please click here. 


Submit a Substitution Request Submit a Substitution Request

Note: A student must first be registered with Student Accessibility Resource Center (SARC) to request an appeal for a course substitution. If you are not registered with our office, please take the time to do that. Click Here to Go to the Registration Process.

The Student submits a request to the SARC Academic Appeals Committee to substitute a course in the discipline in which the student has a documented disability. The following information, if applicable, should be part of the request.

  1. The Student’s name, WKU ID number, course of study (major/minor);
  2. disability documentation from a qualified professional who confirms the diagnosis and supporting rationale for the substitution request;
  3. and information regarding any previous attempts to complete the course.
  4. Additionally, accommodations previously requested of SARC and the Student's diligence in using the services will be considered.

SARC has access to information about the previous attempts to complete the course, the previously requested accommodations, and the Student's diligence of using accommodations and resources. You may need additional documentation of your disability if the original documentation submitted during registration does not verifies the effects on performance in a specific discipline and justifies substituting the course.

The Course Substitution Request should be submitted via the Student Academic Appeals for Course Substitution Request Form. If you prefer, you may download the Student Academic Appeal for Course Substitution Request (PDF), and then mail, fax, email, or bring the completed form to SARC. 

Then the Comittee Evaluates Then the Committee Evaluates

The Committee will evaluate the Appeal Request and any supporting documentation to determine if the disability warrants the substitution of a course for the degree requirement.

If the committe agrees the substitutions is appropriate... If the Committee agrees the substitution is appropriate...

  • The Committee will determine, in consultation with the Student, a specific course to substitute the degree requirement that meets the intent of the category.
  • If the course is required for a major/minor, the Chair of the Committee will consult with the respective Department Head and Dean for an agreement to use the course substitution.
  • The Student ADA Compliance Officer forwards the actions of the Committee to the Registrar to amend the Student's degree requirements.
  • The Registrar will notify the Student with the written agreement to substitute the course.

If the Committe denies the request... If the Committee denies the request...

The Student can petition to the Student ADA Compliance Officer for reconsideration or an explanation. If the Student believes they were discriminated against on the basis of their disability, the Student may file a grievance complaint with the Student ADA Compliance Officer.

Mr. Robert Unseld
Student ADA Compliance Officer
DSU, Room 2001


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