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Faculty/Staff FAQs


Students register for accommodations through the SARC. They can do this online on our website or come to the SARC office in DSU 1074, and we can help them register.

Click here for the registration page for students.

If the student has accommodations through our office, they should bring you a Faculty Notification Letter (FNL) to review. They can provide this to you at any point in the semester.

Click here for more informaiton about completing the FNL.


Faculty Notification Letters

A Faculty Notification Letter (FNL) notifies the faculty of the student’s classroom and testing accommodations. Any questions or concerns related to the accommodations as they are outlined on the FNL should be addressed to the SARC office rather than the student.

Click here for more information about completing the FNL.

If neither the SARC nor the student has presented you with a Faculty Notification Letter (FNL), please wait until you are presented with an FNL. If you have any concerns, please contact the SARC office at sarc.conect@wku.edu or 270-745-5004.

Please, ask the student to contact the SARC office. They will need to register with the SARC for disability-related accommodations.


Academic Accommodations

If the student believes they have not been accommodated, the student can take legal action against individual members of the WKU community, the departments, and/or the university.

Denial of accommodations or not providing recommended accommodations could be considered a violation of a student’s civil rights. Colleges and universities cannot discriminate against qualified people with disabilities in recruitment, admission, or treatment after admission.

If you have any questions or concerns about a request, you should contact the SARC office immediately.

Accommodations, which are legally denoted in ADA and Section 504 as “academic adjustments and auxiliary aids and services,” do not compromise required course objectives or elements, nor do they weaken the academic standards of a course or program.

An accommodation provides an alternative way of accessing the college experience. For example, for classroom and testing accommodations specifically, they provide an alternative means to accomplishing the course requirements by removing or minimizing disability-related barriers. As a university, we aim to provide equal access, not an unfair advantage.

If you have any questions or concerns about a request, you can contact the SARC office. We can assist with any questions you may have about making your course accessible.

Additionally, the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning has information about universal design, online teaching, and distant learning, which may be able to assist you. Universal design is a way of structuring a course that makes it accessible to an array of different learners, including students with and without accommodations.

If you believe an accommodation affects one of the required course objectives, please contact the SARC office immediately.

Our staff will discuss the accommodation with you and begin any necessary review process.

If you believe an accommodation is not necessary, please contact the SARC for a consultation first. The implementation of accommodations may look different in each course according to the student’s need and course requirements.

The SARC will also be able to clarify any questions you may have, as well as assist you with the resources you need to provide the accommodation.

Our staff assigns accommodations based on the student’s history, a qualified professional’s recommendation, and other aspect involved in an interactive process.

 If a student schedules an exam through our office, we will notify you by email. The email will ask you to fill out an Instructor Form and send the SARC office the exam materials about 24 hours before the exam date.

Click here for more information about SARC Testing Services.

Note Takers are a vital link in providing support services to students at WKU.  Student Accessibility Resource Center registered students who have a note taking accommodation listed on their accommodation letter may utilize recording devices, note taking applications, request lecture notes/power points from the Instructor, or ask a student in the class to voluntarily share their class notes. The SARC student must initiate such requests.

The student may ask for your assistance in securing a volunteer note taker in the class. If a student approaches you for assistance with identifying a class note taker, you can make an announcement using the SARC announcement flier or pair the student needing notes with a student you are confident will provide excellent course notes. We welcome your recommendations for a potential class note taker volunteer. 

At the end of the semester, the SARC will provide note takers with a statement of volunteer hours earned along with a small gift as a token of our appreciation. For additional information, please email sarc.notetaking@wku.edu.

Potential student volunteer note takers can access the next steps by navigating to the SARC note taker webpage.



 Accessibility Issue? If there is an accessibility concern of any kind, please contact the SARC, as well as the corresponding department.
If a push button for a door or an elevator is not working, or other physical obstructions occur, contact the Department of Facilities Management at 270-745-3253.
For assistance after hours with physical access, contact the WKU Police Department at 270-745-2548.

If there are concerns with technology accessibility, contact IT at 270-745-7000 and/or the SARC.

For information about accessibility services in the libraries, please click here

Request an alternative format of any content on this site by contacting the SARC at 270-745-5004, or via email sarc.connect@wku.edu.


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