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Adult Learner Services

Adult learners or post-traditional students include students 25 or over, as well as those under 25 years of age who are post-traditional for other reasons, including military service members, single parents, married couples, students who are self-supporting (i.e. working full-time while attending school and not receiving support from family), online students, and commuters.

Adults often face different challenges than the traditional student, as they are often juggling multiple responsbilities. The staff at WKU Online understands these challenges, as we have all studied as post-traditional students who have juggled work, family responsibilities and school simultaneously. We are committed to assisting you in overcoming obstacles, and accomplishing your higher education goals.

Here are a few ways we strive to help you achieve your goals:

  • Coaching for Academic Readiness & Excellence (CARE): WKU Online's student success coaching program provides you with a central point of contact, based on your specific needs. You will have someone to call or email anytime, ask questions, vent...someone that will work with you to connect you to resources and help you stay on track. Signing up is simple, just visit wku.edu/lp/online-coach.php or watch our video on  Coaching for Academic Readiness & Excellence  to learn more!
  • Online Writing Lab (OWL): OWL@WKU was designed for graduate and undergraduate students. As an extension of the Writing Center, which is located at the Bowling Green Campus, WKU OWL serves distance learners by providing resources and feedback to help improve writing skills.In addition to providing a collection of resources, the Lab also offers one-on-one writing assistance without ever requiring you to come to campus! Visit wku.edu/owl to learn more.
  • Student Resource Portal (SRP): The SRP provides one click access to more than 65 resources, including tech support, library services, quick start research guides, and more! Bookmark one site, access support anytime, anywhere at wku.edu/online/srp.
  • TRiO—Student Support Services  (Email: chris.george@wku.edu or call 270-745-3978)—provides academic advisement, personal counseling, tutoring, access to cultural events, services for students with disabilities, restricted sections of University Experience (UE 175), peer mentoring, and supplemental financial assistance. TRiO encompasses three smaller programs:
    • Educational Opportunities Center—this program works with non-traditional students and socio economically disadvantaged students to obtain services to help them succeed in pursuit of higher education. Please call 270-745-2936 for additional information.
    • Educational Talent Search—works with middle and high school students who have a disability, low-income status, or first generation students, with academic potential and motivation to prepare for higher education pursuits. Email: carol.lee@wku.edu  or call 270-745-6884.
    • Veterans Upward Bound— services are available to active duty military personnel or veterans with at least six months' time-served and any kind of a discharge, other than dishonorable. Services provided include education advising, career advising, financial aid application assistance, and persons with special needs. Email: martha.kenney@wku.edu or call 270-745-5024.
  • WKU Adult Learner Services is dedicated to assisting adult students to explore educational options or pursue a degree. This program offers support services and guidance to these adults coordinate enrollment needs, identify developmental courses needed due to being out of educational environment for a period of time, and/or help them identify resources in the community and on campus to help them succeed in obtaining their degree. This program has developed a study room specifically for these adult students to have their own area, with other adults to study in and network with other adult students. Email: adultservices@wku.edu or call 270-745-3575
  • WKU FINISH --reaches out to students who have attended college and left without obtaining a degree. These students would have a minimum 80 hours course work previously completed. Students often run into various challenges that prohibit them from completing their degree goal. This program provides stronger institutionalized support for students. Their goal is simple-to offer an opportunity for all students to succeed in their academic programs while providing support and guidance. WKU Finish will assist students in coordinating the resources, degree programs and departmental support to achieve their desired degree. Email: wku.finish@wku.edu or call 270-745-3575
  • Advising & Career Development Center --provides WKU students with the academic support necessary to achieve their academic goals. We provide advising, tutoring, peer intrusive advising, student success initiatives, and training on advising for faculty and staff.The BEP program is offered as part of ACDC. This program offers support services to students that have been put on probation to help them meet probation requirements and regain good academic standing with the university. BEP also offers the STEPS program which offers assistance to students identified beginning first year with low ACT/SAT scores, this program offers guidance and supervision for these students taking developmental courses to assist them in successful progression through higher education pursuits.  Email: bep@wku.edu or call 270-745-5065. 
  • The Learning Center —Works with students to promote student success, enhance student performance, and increase student retention at Western Kentucky University. Tutoring services available. TLC offers assistance with academic skill areas such as note taking, time management, test taking skills, etc. TLC is also offers programs such as: The Academic Advantage Series: Workshops for Success, Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS), and a 32 machine Dell computer lab for academic projects only. Contact: email-- tlc@wku.edu or call 270-745-6254.



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