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WKU Online Admission Criteria

Testimonial from a non-traditional student pursuing a degree online at WKU

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The application process can be confusing! We receive questions concerning the process for online degree programs and on demand courses on a regular basis, as well as questions about the process for adult learners. And, there are some differences. These differences are based on your academic goals, student classification, and whether or not you're a post-traditional student . Our goal is to provide clarification on some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. In addition, we're always here to help you navigate the process.

Degree Seeking Graduate Students

At the graduate level, WKU offers master's degrees, graduate certificates, specialist programs, and doctoral programs. Graduate admission requirements are determined by the degree you are interested in pursuing. Broad requirements can be found on the Graduate School website. Specific programs may require additional materials. Please check the current graduate catalog for more information or, for online program information, call 270-745-5173 or email learn.online@wku.edu.

Degree Seeking Undergraduate Students

Degree seeking undergraduate students (students seeking an associate degree, a bachelor's degree or an undergraduate certificate as a stand alone credential) fill out the Domestic and International Application located under the heading Undergraduate Applications. In addition to the application for admission, most students must also submit supporting materials. The required supporting materials vary based on number of college credit hours previously earned, if any; whether you are transferring to WKU, returning or coming in as a first time student.

Most Adult learners are subject to the same admission standards as other students, however if you're an adult learner, and you do not meet one of the established requirements listed, you may write a letter of appeal.

The established undergraduate admission requirements for students with 0-24 credit hours state that ONE of the following must be met:

Undergraduate Students 21 Years of Age and Older

If you have not taken ACT or SAT entrance exam you are not required to do so. You may choose to take the ACCUPLACER instead.


A standardized test score is required to place incoming students into the appropriate English and Reading courses. Accuplacer NextGen is an option for students without a standardized test score on file or would like to test out of a supplemental reading course or have expired exam scores. Should a student need to take a placement exam, they will be notified from the Office of Admissions and/or the College Readiness Staff in the Advising & Career Development Center. To review a list of all placement exams accepted at WKU, please visit the College Readiness Website.

To learn more about Accuplacer and to schedule your exam, please click here.

Accuplacer Practice information located here: https://accuplacer.collegeboard.org/student/practice


Letter of Appeal for Additional Consideration

At WKU, we understand that your high school GPA may NOT be indicative of your ability to succeed in college. After all, as an adult learner, you're in a much different life stage than that of your 16 year old self!  So, what's next?

If you do not have an ACT/SAT on file AND do not meet the minimum high school GPA, please email a letter of appeal to admission@wku.edu. Providing the following information:

  • Explanation of what has changed (level of maturity, experience, commitment, etc) since high school
  • Why this GPA does not reflect your true abilities

Your student classification is the first step in determining the types of supporting materials you will need to submit with your admission application.

Finding Your Classification

Beginning Freshman (0 to <24 college credits)
If you have never attended college before or if you have less than 24 credit hours earned, you will be classified as a beginning freshman. The following records are required to complete your admission application: You will need to submit an 1) official high school transcript and 2) ACT or SAT scores. Students over 21 years of age are exempt. For information about placement into certain WKU courses, please see this page: wku.edu/top/exams.php

To schedule an ACCUPLACER exam:

  1. Select your location: You may select any WKU campus site or an approved location within the Accuplacer Remote Network

  2. For scheduling at the Distance Learning Testing Center in Bowling Green, KY or an approved Accuplacer Remote Network testing location, please call 270-745-5122 or email dltc@wku.edu.

  3. For scheduling at one of the WKU Regional campuses:

    - Glasgow: call 270-861-6969

    - Owensboro: call 270-745-5095

    - Ft. Knox: call 270-745-2626

* Examination fees vary based on testing location.

Readmit Student

If you previously attended WKU and have not attended for two or more semesters, readmission to the university is required. No additional records are needed. Simply complete the Application for Admission to WKU (Primary Application) located under the heading Undergraduate Applications.

Transfer Student

If you have attended one or more colleges since high school graduation, but have not attended WKU, you will submit an official transcript from each college attended. Students with fewer than 24 credit hours earned must also submit ACT/SAT scores. Additional information is available through WKU's Transfer Center.

Visiting Student

If you're seeking a degree from another college and wish to attend WKU for one term only, you should apply as a non-degree seeking, visiting student.This requires completion of theApplication for Admission to WKU (Primary Application) located under the heading Undergraduate Applications. In addition, you will need to submit a letter of good standing from your home institution, which can be provided by your registrar.

Graduate Student

WKU's graduate admission requirements are determined by the type of degree you are interested in pursuing. Broad requirements can be found on the Graduate School website. Specific programs may require additional materials. Please check the current graduate catalog for more information or, for online program information, call 270-745-5173 or email learn.online@wku.edu. When you are ready to apply for admission, you'll start by going to the WKU apply now page, and selecting the applicable option located under "Graduate Applications."

On Demand Only

You will fill out the On Demand application if you meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • You are not currently enrolled at WKU.
  • Plan to enroll ONLY in courses at the undergraduate level (numbered 100-499) AND
  • You are NOT seeking a degree, and plan to enroll ONLY in On Demand classes

Please note: Non-degree seeking students who wish to also enroll in web, face-to-face (F2F) classes, or a combination of web, F2F, and on demand should complete the Application for Admission to WKU (Primary Application).

We are happy to assist!

Contact us at learn.online@wku.edu or by phone at 270-745-5173

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