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Dr. Ngoc Nguyen
Dr. Ngoc Nguyen
- Associate Professor
Academic Bio
2010  PhD, Statistics, Bowling Green State University, Ohio
2006  MS, Mathematics, Western Kentucky University, Kentucky
2003  BS, Economical Mathematics, National Economics University, Vietnam
Courses Taught at WKU
  • MATH 183 (Former Math 203) – Introductory Statistics 
  • MATH 123 – Mathematics Application for Business 
  • STAT 301 – Applied Probability and Statistics 
  • MATH 382 – Probability and Statistics I 
  • MATH 482 – Probability and Statistics II 
  • STAT 402 – Experimental Design 
  • STAT 440 – Categorical Data Analysis 
  • MATH 529 – Applied Probability 
  • MATH 540 – Stochastic Processes 
  • STAT 549 – Statistical Method I 
  • STAT 550 – Statistical Method II

Dr. Nguyen's recent research area is applied parametric and non-parametric statistical methods in visualizing, analyzing, and modeling data. Another focus area is copula models and goodness-of-fit tests. She has also conducted research in the area of stochastic frontier analysis.

Selected Publications

Nguyen, N. and Dai, X. (2020) A note on applicability of Rao’s score test, Journal of Applied Probability and Statistics, 15(3), 1-15.   

Atici, F., Nguyen, N., Dadashova, K., Pedersen, S., Koch, G. (2020) Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics models of tumor growth and anticancer effects in discrete time, Computational and Mathematical Biophysics8(1), DOI: https://doi.org/10.1515/cmb-2020-0105

Atici, F., Atici, M., Nguyen, N., Tilekbek, Z. (2019) A study on discrete and discrete fractional pharmacokinetics-pharmacodynamics models for tumor growth and anti-cancer effects, Computational and Mathematical Biophysics7(1), DOI: 10.1515/cmb-2019-0002.  

George, P. and Nguyen, N. (2019) Visualizing music similarity: clustering and mapping 500 classical music composers, Scientometrics, DOI 10.1007/s11192-019-03166-0. 

Ahmed, S., Gupta, A., Nguyen, N. (2015) On Testing Equality of Two Correlation Coefficients, Thailand Statistician13(2), 185-190. 

Smith, C. H., George, P., Nguyen, N. (2015) Statistical Tests for Related Records Search Results. Scientometrics105, 1665-1677.  

Atici, F, Atici, M, Hrushesky, W., Nguyen, N. (2015) Modelling Tumor Growth with Basic Functions of Fractional Calculus, Progress in Fractional Differentiation and Applications1(4), 1-13. 

Nguyen, N., Gupta, A. K., Wang, J. (2014) Modeling technical efficiency using truncated-skewed Laplace distribution. International Journal of Statistics and Economics, 15(3). 

Nguyen, N., Gupta, A. K. (2013) Generalized models for estimation of technical efficiencies. International Journal of Statistics and Economics10(1), 27. 

Nguyen, N., Chen, J. T., Wang, T. T. (2012) Selecting Stable Stocks in a Bear Market. Journal of Applied Probability and Statistics6(1), 87-102. 

Nguyen, N., Gupta, A. K. (2012) Modeling Stochastic Production Frontier with Panel Data. International Journal of Statistics and Economics9(A12), 34-55. 

Almusharff, A., Nguyen, N. (2011) A combination of time-scale calculus and a cross validation technique used in fitting and evaluating fractional models. Applied Math Letters, 25(3), 550-554.  

Nguyen, N., Gupta, A. K. (2010) Estimation of allocative and technical efficiencies with fat-tailed error models. Advances and Applications in Statistical Sciences, 5(2), 85-112. 

Nguyen, N., Gupta, A. K. (2010) Stochastic Frontier Analysis with Fat-tail Error Models Applied to WHO Health Data. International Journal of Innovative Management, Information, and Production, 1(1), 43-48. 

Gupta, A. K., Nguyen N. (2010) Stochastic Frontier Analysis with Fat-tailed Error Models. Far East Journal of Theoretical Statistics, 31(1), 77-95 

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