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Upcoming Changes to Mathematics Programs and Courses

Effective Fall 2015

1.  We are changing the prerequisite of MATH 421 to: MATH 307 or 310 with grades of “C” or better or permission of instructor.

2.  We are changing the prerequisite/corequisite of MATH 490 to: Prerequisite: Completion of at least 25 hours of mathematics courses required for the Middle Grades Mathematics Degree with grades of C or better. Prerequisite /Corequisite: MATH 411 or MATH 421.

Effective Spring 2015 We are changing the prerequisite of MATH 308 to: Completion of MATH 205 with a grade of “C” or better; for students in the Early Grades (K-5), Middle Grades (5-9) or SPED Teacher Certification programs only.

(The prerequisite had been MATH 206 with a grade of “C” or better.)

Effective Fall 2014

1.  We are changing the prerequisites of MATH 307 to MATH 136 with an A, MATH 142 with an A, or MATH 137 with a C or better.  (PHIL 215 or EE 180 will no longer be a prerequisite for MATH 307.)

2.  We are dropping PHIL 215 or EE 180 as a requirement in both the general and certifiable 728 majors.

3.  We are deleting the course MATH 432.

4.  In the general 728 major, we are changing the computer science requirement to CS 180 or CS 181 (rather than CS 180 and CS 181.)

5.  In the extended 528 major, the computer science requirement will be CS 180, and either CS 181 or MATH 371.  If  MATH 371 is selected to fulfill this requirement, it cannot also be used as an elective in the extended 528 major.

6. (a)  MATH 371 may be taken as an elective in the general 728 major.

(b)  If CS 180 and CS 181 are used to satisfy the computer science requirement, then MATH 371 may be taken as an elective in the extended 528 major.

7.  We are deleting the 12-hour supporting course requirement from the general 728 major.

Effective Fall 2012 1.  All mathematics courses listed as prerequisites for other mathematics courses will be required to be passed with a grade of C or better.

2.  We are planning to offer a new course MATH 306 – Applied and Computational Linear Algebra, which will be a service course for students in other departments who need to learn matrix methods.  It will not be accepted for credit toward a mathematics major or minor.

3.  We are deleting the course MATH 122.

4.  Effective September 1, 2012, admission requirements to initial teacher education programs are being changed to require a GPA of at least 2.75. 

In addition, undergraduate students shall not enroll in any educator preparation program courses that are restricted to admitted candidates until students are admiited to a teacher education program.

Furthermore, an overall GPA of 2.75, along with a 2.75 GPA in the certifiable major/minor and professional education coursework, are required for admission to professional education, for permission to student teach, and for recommendation for certification.
Effective Spring 2012 We are planning to change MATH 498 - Senior Seminar from 1 credit hour to Variable Credit: 1 to 3 credit hours.  The requirements of the course will not change.  The credit hours will depend on each individual student's catalog year according to how MATH 498 is listed.
Effective Fall 2011 1.  MATH 203 (Statistics) is now MATH 183.  The content has not changed.

2.  CS 180 (4 hrs) has replaced CS 240 (3 hrs).  CS 181 (4 hrs) has replaced CS 241 (3 hrs). 
3.  CS 170 has replaced CS 230 as one of the options for fulfilling the CS requirement for the Certfiable 728 Math Major.  The requirement is now one of CS 170 or CS 180.  (Note:  The course CS 146 is actually equivalent to the old CS 230.)

4.  MATH 431 now has the prerequisite of MATH 337 with a C or better.

5.  MATH 432 has been revised to become Introduction to Measure Theory.

6.  We have a new course MATH 370 - Applied Techniques in Mathematics, and we have eliminated MATH 350.

7.  We have a new course  MATH 473 – Graph Theory.

8.  The prerequisites for MATH 307 have been changed to: 
      MATH 136, and PHIL 215 or EE 180, with grades of C or better.

9.  We now have Admission Requirements for the 730 Major in Middle Grades Mathematics:  Students who wish to declare a 730 middle grades mathematics major will be initially designated as 730P (Prep) - Seeking Admission.  In order to be granted admission into the program, the student must
     •  Complete MATH 117 and MATH 136, or MATH 136 and MATH 137, AND MATH 205, with a grade of C or better
        in each course.
      •  Have an overall GPA of at least 2.4 in all middle grades mathematics program courses completed prior to
         admission (MATH 117 and above).
     •  Submit a Change of Major form to change from 730P to a 730 major.

10.  We now have a Certificate in Data Analysis using SAS®

11.  Multiple change to the 728 and 528 mathematics majors have been made.  See descriptions the Advising page for details.     
12.  We now have a joint degree with the Department of Economics, called Mathematical Economics.


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Department of Mathematics
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