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Subscription Settings

In an attempt to accomodate the email preferences of individual list subscribers, there are two delivery modes availabe for members to choose from: Digest and Non-digest.

Non-Digest Mode

This is the default subscription setting for most WKU mailing lists. When subscribed in this mode, members receive list postings as soon as they are made. This can be useful for threaded, discussion-type groups, since it is much easier to reply to individual messages. It can also be important for lists with time-sensitive announcements.

Digest Mode

When subscribed in this mode, messages are delivered to the subscriber in bundles. Typically you will receive one digest containing a single day's messages. You may receive multiple digests in a single day if a list-specific size threshold is reached. This prevents a situation in which a subscriber may have to download a very large digest.

Digest mode has an additional option of Plain Text delivery. When subscribed with this option, the digest will contain only plaint text (i.e., no formatting, no html, no images). In place of images, html, etc., a URL will be provided. In general, most people will want to subscribe to the default, MIME-type digest, if subscribing in digest mode.

To change the settings for your subscription, you must visit the specific web page for your list. All WKU mailing lists are accessible by following one basic pattern for the URL:

It is important to enter the actual name of your mailing list where it says "listname" above.

You will be required to log in before you can make changes to your subscription settings, and this does require that you know your list password. Fortunately, a password reminder button is also available. Entering your email address and clicking the Remind button will have the mailing list software email your password to you. Once you have your list password, you can log in and review/change your subscription options.

To subscribe in digest mode, scroll down to the line that reads "Set Digest Mode". Select the toggle for "On" and click the Submit My Changes button at the bottom of the page to save your preferences.

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