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Bike Maintenance

Bikes can be dropped off anytime during ORAC Gear Shop Hours . If the bike shop is not open during that time, you can leave your bike with us and it will be safely stored in a secure location until the bike shop is open.

Tuesday|Thursday | 3:30pm - 5:30pm 


Drop off your bike for any major repairs*! These include:

  • Bearing adjustments

  • Bearing repack

  • Wheel true

  • Full cable/housing replacement (with gear and brake adjust met)

  • Chain replacement

  • Bike build  


*Given our part inventory is fully stocked. If we don't have the item your bike needs, we can usually order it and have it installed within 1-2 weeks. 


Parts Price:

Labor Price:

Complete Tune up

*does not include parts


Complete Overhaul

*does not include parts


Bearing Adjustment



Bearing Repacked


$20.00 per surface area

Brake Adjustment


starting @ $5.00 each

Gear Adjustment


starting @ $5.00 each

Tube Replacement

$5.00 - $10.00 per tube

$5.00 per tube/tire

Tire Replacement

$12.00 - $30.00 per tire

$5.00 each tire

Clean and Oil



Wrap Bars

$5.00 - $30.00 


Wheel True


$10.00 each tire 

New cable

$7.00 each front or rear


New housing

$6.00 each front or rear


Bike build - Youth 

*you bring the bike we build it


Bike build - 


**Additional Labor charges may be assessed on a case by case basis at the shop staff’s discretion 


Our complete tune up covers the following: 

  • adjust hub, bottom bracket, and headset

  • Position, lubricate, and secure brake levers

  • Secure and center brake calipers

  • Wheel truing

  • Adjust and lubricate brake caliper pivots. Check brake pad wear and alignment.

  • Check shift lever mounting, lubricate and adjust. Inspect shift cables

  • Lubricate Front/Rear derailleur and adjust limit screws

  • Lubricate chain. Secure or reposition seat, stem, and handlebars

  • Secure crankarms, chainring, bolts and pedals. Secure all accessory mountings.

  • Lubricate freewheel

  • Check and align rear derailleur hanger and dropouts. (additional fee may be required if realignment is highly complex) 

The cost of a complete tune up is $35.00. This does not include any parts you may need! 

Our complete overhaul covers the following: 

  • Includes all services of a complete tune up (see above) 

  • Overhaul of front and rear hub

  • Repair Bottom Bracket

  • Repair Headset

  • Clean and oil drivetrain 

The cost of a complete overhaul is $95.00. This doe not include any parts you may need! 

The bike shop is located in the rear of the Preston Center. All repairs should be brought in through the front 

of the building to the ORAC front desk for check in.

 *ORAC does not service e-bikes.Typically e-bike motors will require specialized tools. We recommend visiting your local bike shop for jobs involving electric motors and computers.

 Yes! ORAC offers mountain bike rentals but does not currently offer commuter models for renting.




If you would like to work on your own bike but don't have the tools, no problem. We stock ParkTool brand tools and accessories to get you back in the saddle. We also offer a DIY bike stand, located by the Preston Center bike racks. 




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