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Information for Current Students

Information for Current Students

Hello CHHS Students! You have questions and we're happy to help. Below you will find some helpful undergraduate and graduate resources. If you have further questions, contact us!


Academic Advising

WKU Advising offers a wide-range of academic support services to undergraduate students. 

Can't remember your advisor? You can find out who your advisor is on Topnet:

  1. Log into TopNet

  2. Click on Student Services

  3. Click on Registration

  4. Click on View Advisor Information

  5. You should find your advisor's name listed there, along with their contact information

Learn how to make an advising appointment using TopNet, click here

Career Services

WKU Career Services is in place to connect students and alum to resources and skills needed to support career development. 

Office of Scholar Development

The Office of Scholar Development (OSD) supports students with national scholarship opportunities.

Undergraduate Catalog

Locate detailed information about WKU, CHHS and the academic programs within our college by reviewing the undergraduate catalog. 

Tuition and Fees

Most of your college costs will fall under the tuition and fees category, including: tuition, room/board, parking/transportation, technology and more. Learn about the costs associated with higher education by exploring the Office of the Bursar webpage.

Student Ambassadors

Prospective students and current students alike may not know where to turn when they have questions about college. To address this need, the College of Health and Human Services at WKU as implemented a peer-mentoring program to support students with questions about majors, careers and college life in general. 


Interactive Curriculum & Academic Progress (iCAP) allows students to obtain a personalized, interactive audit that will display progress towards a selected degree. An audit shows all the requirements needed to fulfill a major, minor or concentration and displays transfer and WKU courses that have been used to satisfy those requirements. 

Register for Classes

TopNet is the student registration and information system at WKU. It is where you will make all schedule changes (drop/add and initial registration activities for each term). TopNet also houses all of your student contact information - allowing WKU faculty and staff to reach you, if needed. If you should decide to pursue a degree at WKU TopNet is where you will go to view your financial aid statusaccept financial aid awardschange your major and/or advisor, and find your advisor contact information

Additionally, TopNet allows you to view the details of any holds on your account and learn how to resolve them.

Learn how to register for classes using TopNet via our step by step visual tutorial.

Poster Printing

This is a free service that CHHS offers to our faculty, staff and students. Posters will only be printed for class research or conference presentation. 

The Graduate School

Go beyond your bachelor's degree with the WKU Graduate School. Visit their webpage to learn more about programs, courses and policies. 

Graduate Catalog

Locate detailed information about WKU, CHHS and the academic programs within our college by reviewing the graduate catalog. 

Poster Printing

This is a free service that CHHS offers to our faculty, staff and students. Posters will only be printed for class research or conference presentation. 

Study Abroad and Global Learning

Studying abroad is an excellent way to achieve personal, academic and professional development. Challenging experiences await you as you travel across the globe for an internship, service-learning project or academic program that fits into your degree plan. Explore the reasons why you should consider study abroad. 

CHHS Internationalization

Internationalization, for our college, is defined as a process of integrating international and intercultural dimensions into all aspects of the college experience. This shared process includes students, faculty and staff in all departments as co-creators of activities and resources that facilitate short and long-term positive impacts. 


KIIS study abroad programs help students synthesize and analyze information in a foreign cultural setting, enhance written and verbal communication skills, understand contemporary global challenges, and develop a heightened sense of confidence and leadership. Take your education further and learn more about the 140+ courses available to our students.

CHHS Oustanding Graduate Student

Cathryn Duchette

Cathryn Duchette

Catie, a student in our M.S. in Kinesiology program, is described by her advisor, Dr. Rachel Tinius, as intelligent and committed to academic pursuits. Catie is genuinely invested in the art of discovery. She does not do clinical research to "check a box;" she does it because she is genuinely interested and excited to learn. She pays attention to the details, is helpful, and works hard. She has a sweet and kind demeanor. Her abilities to independently conduct research and write scientifically exceed her student status. Cathryn has recently completed a phenomenal thesis project looking at the impact of prenatal yoga on maternal and offspring stress and inflammation. She has been involved in or is a co-author on six papers, none of which includes her forthcoming thesis works, and has won first place for a poster presentation at a regional conference. Cathryn has also found time to volunteer in the community. Congratulations to Cathryn for this recognition!


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