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Public Health

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The Department of Public Health presents guest speakers Marshall Kreuter, PhD and Martha Katz, MPA

Welcome to the Department of Public Health!             

The public health programs at Western Kentucky University prepare students to face the challenges of existing and emerging health concerns, locally and globally, and enable students to apply critical thinking skills to address and resolve these complex health issues. The mission of public health program is to prepare highly competent public health practitioners through instruction, research and service, and to enhance the health status and quality of life of diverse populations in local, state, national and global communities.

Public health is a field that offers a wide array of job opportunities to suit a variety of interests and skills. Whether you are interested in managing data and crunching numbers, conducting research or working with people, there is a place for you in the field of public health. Recent college graduates and those that have been in the field for years have something to offer and to gain in this field. Public health is ideal for individuals who gain satisfaction knowing that they are working to improve the life of others.

While there are dozens of specialties in public health, most career opportunities are found in the following fields listed below. The salary ranges, as follows, are the actual salaries earned (adjusted for inflation using the national CPI - Bureau of Labor Statistics) within one year of graduation as reported by the most recent nationwide survey of graduates conducted by the Association of Schools of Public Health:

  • Health Services Administration
    • $ 37,050 - $161,400
  • Biostatistics                                                   
    • $ 33,000 - $63,000
  • Epidemiology
    • $ 38,175 - $136,237
  • Health Education/ Behavioral Science        
    • $ 33,000 - $86,625
  • Environmental Health                                  
    • $ 44,550 - $143,700
  • International Health                                      
    • $ 31,500 - $70,875
  • Nutrition                                                           
    • $ 31,500 - $70,875
  • Public Health Practice/ Program Management     
    • $ 41,175 - $102,000
  • Biomedical Laboratory                                
    • $31,500 - $78,750

At WKU, students learn from expert faculty. All public health faculty hold top academic credentials and professional qualifications in public health and related disciplines. We also recognize that there is much we can learn from those who are health practitioners as well. By combining industry knowledge with academic credentials, students learn firsthand from practicing public health experts, attorneys, environmental health specialists, emergency managers, and healthcare administrators with many years of experience in public health, environmental health, and the healthcare industry.


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